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vporrash14 05-14-2013 09:44 PM

Jeep Compass 2010 Repair with 07 "shell"
Hello, Im Victor Porras, Im 24 years old and im from San Jose, Costa Rica.

First of all i want to thank in advance anyone that might be able to help me since im going through a very difficult situation with my Jeep Compass and also i apologize if my English is not clear.

Ok heres the situation...

In november 2012 i was in traffic behind a small 12 people bus going maybe 5 mph or not even moving at all when i suddenly felt a giant freightleiner truck hit me in the back and causing me to hit the bus i mention destroying obviously the back pretty bad, and the front also.

Im from Costa Rica and insurance here is a whole different story from the U.S the deal is i didnt have insurance and the truck didnt either so the owner of the truck is assuming the cost of the repair but also he id doing everything really slow and trying to save every dollar he can.

He bought a 2007 salvage to repair my 2010 wreck and what he wants is to take everything out of my 2010 and put it into the 2007 body, since my car is in perfect condition regarding motor, transmissions, electric, almost all of it the problem is only a matter o "the shell", what i notices is the 2007 has a different interior, different console, dash board etc, and im worried that that shell wont work for my parts since my dashboard and the whole console interior is different.

To sum up i need to know if my dashbooar and inteior can be correctly attacted to this shell or im i in trouble cause in wont work??

Please if anyone has the knowledge on this matter i will very much aprecciate the help

Thanks very much

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