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USMCKILLER 05-14-2013 10:27 PM

Alright.. My check engine light came on and I took it to Auto Zone to read the code and I am getting a P1414 error. I can tell you that the idle seems a little rougher.. But, what is more than noticeable.. When I am at cruise at around 30MPH there is a very hard shake throughout the car.. When I give it gas, not too much, it comes out of it. If I accelerate too hard, the RPM's kick way up, the shaking stops, and there is the slightest increase in speed. If lay on the pedal once I am going, RPM's kick up, slight acceleration. If I go with medium acceleration, she jumps up pretty good. And, if I am at higher speeds, when I kick it in the butt it is wish washy as to whether she is going to go faster or the RPM's just increase while maintaining the same speed, go a mile an hour faster, or lose acceleration. I thought it was a spark plug at first but dude says it is a dealer code. Anything from ECM to Solenoid to oil blockage. I am the third owner of the Jeep and the additional warranty I bought came out of warranty 1,000 miles late at 81,000 miles. It is a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L V8.. I have used 5W30 in it from go.. Anyone that can start pointing me in the right direction to either get a diagnosis as to what it would be or gear me in the right direction of parts/troubleshooting I would appreciate it. Thanks!

USMCKILLER 05-15-2013 10:43 AM

Re: P1414
Alright, this morning, the 'ESP disabled' message came on in the dashboard. Now the car is having a really hard time getting up to speed and died when making a turn today. I am going to go ahead and replace the crankshaft position sensor as I have been browsing around for possible problems for some time to no avail. The first trouble shooting step I hope resolves the problem- which, is never the case. I will update this thread accordingly..

USMCKILLER 05-15-2013 10:45 AM

Re: P1414
And I meant to say I have been putting in 5W20 in the original post that started this thread..

USMCKILLER 05-16-2013 03:50 PM

Re: P1414
I got the CPS replaced yesterday and ended up removing the skid plate to make the access a little easier. If you have a lift you probably won't need to remove the skid plate as there is access to it. It was just difficult having the car up on ramps for me.. If you do remove the skid plate hit the bolts with pb blaster. I ended up breaking one off so I had to extract it. The positioning sensor is located on the passenger side engine block near the back. It has a green plug attached to it. Slide the white clip out and then squeeze the base of the green plug as it has a little clasp it hooks to on the sensor itself. Gently slide it out.. There is a 5/16' bolt holding it in place. After that is removed just twist and wiggle that sucker out. I don't know if this fixed my problem since I haven't started the car yet. My power steering pump went out about a week ago so I am replacing that as well. However, when I went to put the old pulley on the new pump the damn thing broke.. Cheap plastic.. I picked up the OEM pulley from Jeep at a whopping $32.00 for an $8.00 part. I must say, this pulley is the same OEM number but it's not plastic so I am satisfied. Which, brings me to my next point.. I haven't really searched these forums for power steering pump replacement but if you're replacing this I would suggest buying the updated part that Jeep has for the pulley.. They sell the pump and pulley already installed from Jeep at $230.00. NAPA had the power steering pump (re manufactured w/ limited lifetime warranty) for $56.00. I have these things side by side and other than some markings and numbers they are the exact same. I'd rather spring for the $88 NAPA/JEEP combo. The tool for pressing the pulley back on is kit number 20 from advanced auto parts. Just make sure when you press the pulley back on, you press it to the same depth the old one used to be at. I updated the serpentine belt as well.. Pretty easy and self explanatory on that.. Just make sure you take note of the positioning on the serpentine belt tensioner torque before backing it off.. Hope this helps.. I will probably update this later tonight since I am going to go ahead and replace plugs, boots, flush transmission, radiator, transfer case, and front and rear diffs. :O

USMCKILLER 05-16-2013 11:58 PM

Re: P1414
Alright, got the Jeep running.. My check engine light hasn't kicked back on.. When I started driving it, for the first ten minutes, everything was running smooth. But, now I'm back to the sputtering and what seems like the car is slipping gears.. RPM's crank up, no acceleration, let off gas, gently accelerate and it shifts with some shaking sometimes, other times none. I didn't get to the Trans work yet so I'm not sure if a fluid change will help.. I'm going to probably end up having a buddy run a full diag on it this weekend so I'm not running down wrong roads anymore.. This sucks...

SaVed4EvEr 05-17-2013 12:11 AM

That does totally suck. The issues you're having were pretty close to what I was having too on mines. After being hussled by Big O tires, I found out is was the TCM sensor. But mine also had the dash lit up like Christmas lights. It was going all crazy on me. Your best bet is a full diagnostics, that way you're not spending money on things you don't really need to. I hope you get your Jeepsie fixed soon! Toodles! :)

USMCKILLER 05-17-2013 01:03 AM

Re: P1414
Haha.. Thanks!! I will keep that in mind with the TCM sensor.. The check engine light just came back on and I pulled the plug on cylinder 4.. Wet with gas.. I was running through the motions earlier when I replaced them and I didn't check that cylinder... So.... Now its time to get that spark going... Anyone know, besides the wire, what would cause an electrical failure on a distributorless spark plug? Keep in mind the crankshaft positioning sensor has been replaced and I don't think the pcm is at fault.. So, what solenoid am I replacing and any idea what the oem is on it? Or, where I can get it? I'm so grateful I have a 1991 Wrangler still with an I-6 and 225,000 miles strong made simple with easy stuff to figure out.. Damn cherokee has a brain now..

SaVed4EvEr 05-17-2013 01:17 AM

Okay now you're going all high tech mechanical on me. I can't help ya now!!!! I just know, that thingy, and like terms.

Almost sounds like your GC is falling apart on ya. How many miles you gots on it?

P.S. I know a retired USMC and a few other vets...thanks for serving! :) or unless you're like really a USMC killer :eek:

USMCKILLER 05-17-2013 01:33 AM

Re: P1414
Haha... It has 81,000 miles on it.. She's not falling apart.. Just telling me it's time for some tlc... I am a Marine. Thank you for the kind words.. I'm not a killer of Marines.. Impossible... We can't be killed.. ;)

SaVed4EvEr 05-17-2013 01:56 AM

Exactly what my volunteer grandpa says! He's the retired Marine. Me and him joke around about all kinds of stuffs and he always states, "you can't shit a shitter nor kill a killer." Yeah! So now that gots clear you're a Marine, thank you extremely much for serving!!! God bless yalls :)

And I know what ya Jeep started acting up around 90k. She just wanted some attention. I changed the water pump, spark plugs, engine coil and a few other little things and she was okay. Hey! Maybe its the engine coil! I thought it was spark plugs too and was told so by several dudes but finally figured out it was engine coil. Only one of them went bad and felt like my Two-Face was gonna fall apart on me. But soon as I changed it, she was running like new.

Sorry! I'm totally like taking over your thread with random talk. I can't help it. It's late and I can't sleep and you're chatting back lol :D

USMCKILLER 05-17-2013 05:34 PM

Re: P1414
Lol... You're funny.. Okay.. My next step here is to change the coil pack with a different cylinder and do the same thing with the wire. The coils that sit next to the spark plugs are interchangeable with any cylinder. If the problem follows my cylinder its the coil/wire... If it doesn't, I'm going to have to say the PCM needs to be replaced.. I found some online here for a reasonable price.
2005 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU ECM PCM engine computer engine control module brain box

USMCKILLER 05-17-2013 11:08 PM

Re: P1414
I'm going to spring for the dealer to flash and update the pcm tomorrow... I swapped the coil packs on 5 and 7 since the spark on four comes from the pack on 7. I can see plug four sparking when I ground it out to the block. After about fifteen minutes of driving it I can feel it start to misfire again and I get the same two codes. 0304 and 1414.. Here's to hoping the PCM flash clears it up.

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