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TheJeepNut 05-16-2013 12:58 AM

42re parts support?
This month my adventure in maintenance with the 04WJ has the valve body out of the 42re on the workbench. It's been throwing 1762/1763 codes and an occasional 1757. Replacing the Gov. solenoid and Gov. sensor has done nothing to solve.

So I've pulled the valve body assembly and in the process of inspecting, cleaning and kitting, I found the 3/4 Accumulator spring in 3 large pieces.

The bore of the standalone 3/4 accumulator housing is well more than just galled, it's rough in spots. The accumulator end plate is all chewed up where spring remnants have been getting ground into the plate by the piston. And the piston itself all scratched up as well.

The good news is that I found the magnet pretty clean with just very fine stuff on it.
I haven't seen a speck of material in any of the small orifices or in any of the circuitry of the valve body. The spring looks to be cleanly broken in 2 spots and due to finances I MUST take the chance that there isn't any large debris floating around in the system anywhere. A rebuild is simply not on the table at this time.
I'll have to do a full flush on the lines, cooler, etc. HOPING for the best.

Anybody know where these kinds of hard parts can be obtained reasonably?

Frango100 05-16-2013 06:00 AM

Re: 42re parts support?
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Seems to be a common complaint on the 42RE that the accumulator spring breaks.
Have a look at the following site where they sell an accumulator sleeve repair kit:
A500 42RH 42RE transmission parts A500 42RH 42RE
The spring doesn´t seem to be part of the kit, but they sell it separately.

TheJeepNut 05-17-2013 12:21 AM

Re: 42re parts support?
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Appreciate the thought, but that's the intermediate accumulator sleeve kit.
What I'm in need of is the 3/4 accumulator housing which bolts up to the side of the lower valve body. First picture shows the housing, piston, the broken spring, and the end plate. Kinda fuzzy but the end plate is chewed on and the piston scuffed significantly and scratched in places. The other pic is looking into the bore of the accumulator housing. The upper bore there is all rough, scratched and scuffed pretty bad.

I think my only recourse is to try and find a local shop with a junkyard of parts.
Ran by the local dealer today and gave him a good laugh.
It's sold only as a part of the entire valve body to the tune of $600+.

WHY do things have to be so difficult?....
If they're slapping these things together in a factory there MUST be multiple quantities of these parts in bins or boxes all over the place.
Sell me some of 'em durn it! :slapfight:

So I'm left with scrounging the local shops to see if I can find a kind soul...
Unless someone can give me a better idea.

I just can't believe that a trans rebuild shop would have never encountered this before.

So either there IS a way to get just the parts I need or things like this go a LONG way toward explaining why people bad mouth "professional repair" shops. If they're easter-egging valve bodies for big bucks instead of diagnosing, and repairing for customer satisfaction and the good of all mankind, they deserve the critique.... ;)
A "reasonable" cost for these parts should be around $100 brand new.
Not a particularly complicated piece to cut, a plate, a spring and a piston. Holy Cow $100 is too much even.

We can put a man on the MOON, but I can't purchase a COMMON machined part at a reasonable cost..... bizzarre...

Onward we scrounge...

Frango100 05-17-2013 06:52 AM

Re: 42re parts support?
On e-bay they sell complete 42re valve bodies starting from $49. Just an idea:
A606 42LE Chrysler Dodge Transmission Valve Body Kwik SHIP | eBay

TheJeepNut 05-18-2013 12:49 AM

Re: 42re parts support? --SOLVED
Yep I had established a watch on a couple of them until I could get time to sort them out for my application.
But got a better option in the meantime.
Got the name of a local transmission guy from the guys at O'Reilly's (where I am if I'm not in the
Went out to see him today and he's got a home based business, 2 bays, by appointment only. And stays as busy as he wants to be. Very nice setup.
As we talked a bit his name started to sound familiar....
We put 2+2 together and realized I went to HS w/ his brother and my brother went to HS with him!
He looked into the box of stuff on the shelf and pulled out a couple of used housings, looked em' over, and GAVE me the best one. Cleaned it up a little, the bore is smooth and clean, piston was pristine.
New spring outta the Fairbanks kit along with new piston seals out of the Sonnax kit and problem solved.:cool:.
I did reuse the end plate after smoothing out the rough spots and it'll be just fine.

AND got to reacquaint myself with a old classmate that I hadn't seen in 40+ years.
Not a small miracle since I still live in the county were I grew up, but midwest small towns are nice for stuff like this.:thumbsup:

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