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Parantp 05-18-2013 07:04 AM

Fuel gauge and engine number
Hi folks,

Hope I am not repeating a previous post, but I have just acquired a 2000 WJ grand cherokee, and I have two (ok, three) small issues that I seek advice on:

A) the file gauge does not work at all, neither does the overhead distance to empty ( assume they are linked)

B) to change to registration to my name, I have to be able to point out the engine number to the authorities when I have it inspected on Monday.......can someone tell me where to find it? It's a 4.7 V8.

C) put new batteries in the remote controls and one of them will lock the car but not open it...the other is there something that I can do here or do I need a Jeep service guy to reprogram.......

Appreciate any assistance, as I am getting quite excited by having a jeep again.



Frango100 05-18-2013 09:14 AM

Re: Fuel gauge and engine number
Welcome to the garage.
Fuel level and some of the EVIC information comes from the PCM. The PCM gets the info from the fuel level float assy in the tank. I will have a look in the wiring which fuse is involved.
Engine serial depends on which engine you have. On the 4.7 its on the right hand cylinder bank (as seen from drivers position) on the right hand forward side.
Regarding the remotes, when it only locks or unlocks the doors, its probably the respective switch. You could try opening it up and clean it, but many times its just changing the remote. You could buy them from e-bay, but they have to be programmed to the jeep. Seems that some locksmits can do this for a lot less then the stealer.

Frango100 05-18-2013 09:37 AM

Re: Fuel gauge and engine number
Just checked the wiring schematic, i only have the 04 with me, so there could eventually be a difference with your 00. There is no fuse just for the fuel lvl indication. You could check the level sending unit circuit by removing connectors C1 and C3 from the PCM and measure the resistance between C1 point 4 and C3 point 26 ( on the wiring loom connectors, not the PCM itself) .the resistance will depend on the fuel level, but when its infinite then the circuit is open and you have or an broken wire/ corroded connector pins in the circuit between PCM and lvl sensor, or the lvl sensor resistor has a broken wire.
You can check the fuel level gauge, but i wouldn't expect the problem there, since the EVIC is involved as well: with ignition in off, press odometer reset button and while pressing, switch ignition in on. All indicator lights will come on and all indicators go to full scale. Odometer will count 1111111, 2222222 etc. You can release the button as soon as the test begins.

Parantp 05-20-2013 06:15 AM

Thank you for this information. Now armed I will be getting stuck into it in the next couple of days, and will let you know what I find.



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