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jclark425 05-20-2013 06:50 AM

WK - Warped Cylinder Heads - Bad Engine -- Help!
Hello All, I would really appreciate any advice you can give me on my issue with my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L. I had an appointment set for last Wednesday to take it into my local Jeep dealer as I had a starting issue with the Jeep; cam shaft sensor was the problem. I set the appointment the previous Tuesday, then that Sunday/mothers day, I noticed the Jeep temp gauge was high; I popped the hood and noticed the fan wasnít coming on and I was low on coolant, this was the first time I noticed it ever being low and never realized when this couldíve heated up in the first place, it was the first time it ever overheated. I parked it Sunday, drove it to work Monday morning and found a ride from work to the dealer to drop it off and let it sit till my appointment on Wednesday. I bought an extended warranty through my bank with National Auto Care for $2400 when I bought the vehicle. The major repair was caused by the overheating I guess; they did a Block Test and found that the exhaust was mixing with the coolant and being trapped in the engine causing it to overheat, so their diagnosis was warped cylinder heads. The dealer called the warranty company and told them the issue and the warranty company is saying they wonít cover the engine since it overheated. One option is to tear it apart and see what the root cause is, but that job will more than likely cost ME $2k.. The only good option Iíve been told is to replace the engine with a Remanufactured or Used engine which will cost me from $3-6kÖ I have not contacted the warranty company myself, as my banker who I know pretty well said she had some connections and a lady from the banks warranty claim department would see what they could work out for me. Well, I found out Friday that they had no luck and the warranty company will still not budge. My Jeep is just sitting at my friendsí house currently in town, as I donít want to drive it too far out of town to where I live; I am at a loss what to do. I plan on contacting the warranty company today with hopes to work something out but Iíve been told these guys will do anything to get out of anything; I have never dealt with a warranty company beforeÖ Please, any advice with engine replacement or with the Warranty Company would be much appreciated, Thank you!!

2005JGC 05-21-2013 02:50 PM

Re: WK - Warped Cylinder Heads - Bad Engine -- Help!
Unfortunately this is normal operation for service contracts. Like you, they don't want to be left being billed for tear down for a repair they don't cover. I understand their side of it but I also understand that it feels like a shady way to get out of repairs, scare the customer into not paying for tear down then they wont have to pay for the repair.

I would be interested to know if there is ANY reason they would cover the head gaskets. They don't because of an overheat but with the common head gasket issues on these how do they know what came first, did it overheat because of head gasket failure or did it blow a head gasket because of the overheat. Ultimately you will need to talk with them and deturmine if there is ANY reason they would cover it, if they just bluntly put it as "no not with the concern you brought it in for", find a cheaper shop and fix it, If they cannot say, trust me the shop wants the business, they will do what they can on their end to help you, how the techs story is written, how they explain the failure to the 3rd party inspector... service contracts pay book time, unlike warranty, so the dealer getting the contract company to cover it is in their interests as much as it is in yours. Obviously they dont have a magic wand, if the contract company is not going to they are not going to, but I think legally they have to PROVE how the failure happened and how it does not fit into a covered area of your contract, otherwise they must pay for it.

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