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FloridaJEEPER 05-22-2013 06:22 PM

Electrical Nightmare!
Last March (2012) I bought a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.7L. I loved it, everything worked and it was awesome. A few months later I started having a excessive draw on the battery that would kill the battery in about a day. It took me a few months to figure that it was actually happening because I drove it on a daily basis so it never had a chance to die. But once I did realize what was going on I started trouble shooting, I did a draw test and I was getting about 0.89 amps with everything off, I'm aware that a few systems require a minimal draw even when the car is off. But I thought 0.89? That shouldn't kill the battery withing a 36 hour period. Well I took it to the dealership the plugged in their computer and said it was the radio, well the want $420 to put in a stock unit again. I said F that and waited a while longer to put an after market radio in. With the old, bad radio the draw was about 405 ma the new radio was 20 ma. So I thought cool problem solved. Wrong! The Jeep would still die in about a 36 hour window. So I had the same people who installed the radio to shoot wires at the same time, they found that fuse 16 under the dash was drawing 210 ma, that fuse goes to the steering control module Guage cluster and OBD II port. I don't know where to go from the besides saving up a hefty sum of cash and bringing it back to the dealership. Any help there?

Another problem is the compass will only point north, it started to flash about the same time the excessive draw happened then it went to steady N. Could this be in relation to the excessive draw? Also the dealership gave me a way to recal the compass but when I tried "Vari -8" popped up in the EVIC instead of the message that was suppose to.

And another problem is will randomly get my airbag light to pop up on my dash every so often. This started to occur around the same time the radio was replaced. I do realize that with the radio removed I will have a permenant code that says the Jeep can't detect the radio. But this is a bit ridiculous. I love my Grand Cherokee and don't wanna give it up, or give up on it. I know there are other solutions to the problem, a solar trickle charger, a kill switch, pulling the IOD fuse, etc. I don't wanna go down the cheap way to fix it. I wanna find the source, and maybe some of you guys have had similiar problems to this and could point me in the right direction. Oh another thing is my GC is lifted only 2" if this would affect any thing which I seriously doubt because all this started happening before I lifted it, way before.

tomk 05-23-2013 04:26 AM

Re: Electrical Nightmare!
210mA for 36 hours is only 7.5Ah, that certainly shouldn't kill your battery. Also, that drain may be significantly less with all the doors closed and the cluster sleeping.

"vari" is where you set the compass variation. You need to hold the C/T button longer to get to the CAL mode.

FloridaJEEPER 05-23-2013 06:01 PM

Re: Electrical Nightmare!
Alright I'll give the compass another shot tonight. Do you have any thoughts as to what would kill it? And when I test the battery I make sure the jeep is in "sleep mode"

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