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amrunner4 05-24-2013 11:48 AM

Adding LOC and Amplifier but keeping fade/balance in the HU
I have a 2013 Trailhawk with the Alpine system and 430N headunit, and would like to do an audio upgrade. After searching through the many threads on the topic, I want to run this past the experts out there and see if this makes sense.

I want to keep the HU and especially the balance/fade functions, and the steering wheel controls.

If I use an audiocontrol LC7i after the factory amp, I will take the signal from the front tweeters into the main input, the front doors into channel 2, and the sub into channel 3. The LC7i would send the summated signal to my aftermarket amp.

So here's my question. To maintain the fade/balance controls in the HU, should the rear door speakers still be fed by the factory amp? The rear hatch tweeters and center dash would also still be fed by the factory amp.

I'm thinking that if you feed rear speakers from the aftermarket amp (which is obviously downstream from the HU signal to the factory amp) you will lose ability to fade/balance from the HU.

Does that make sense? Thanks

leks66 05-24-2013 02:35 PM

That sounds correct. But in my experience you need to sum from the rear doors. That will give you a full range signal. Also, for me the LC7i sounded horrible because the signals sent from the factory equipment is not clean and you will only be amplifying them making it much more noticeable. I ended up returning the Loc and buying an aftermarket Headunit.

amrunner4 05-24-2013 02:51 PM

Re: Adding LOC and Amplifier but keeping fade/balance in the HU
From previous posts, here is the reason NOT to sum from the rear doors, even though they apparently receive a near full range signal from the factory amp.

A frequent poster (1stJeepGC) has noted that there is a pre-programmed signal processing built into the factory amp which may remove lower end signal from the rears. That is where I saw the recommendation that summing should be from the front tweeters, front doors and sub.

Here is that thread. See post #43

Thanks for the input

amrunner4 05-24-2013 02:52 PM

Re: Adding LOC and Amplifier but keeping fade/balance in the HU
Sorry, forgot to add the link:

post #43

leks66 05-24-2013 11:01 PM

Just going by trial and error in my install. Summed from my fronts at first and sounded terrible. Summed the rears after sounded better but still unacceptable. Let me know how you're install goes. Curious to see what you decide.

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