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John47 05-25-2013 06:36 PM

20,000k update on Yokohama Geolandar AT/S 265x60x18
In the last 6 months since ditching the Kumho originally fitted tyres, the Yokohamas have clocked up 20,000k, about 18,000k of that towing a 2200kg off road van.
Road noise is slightly higher and fuel economy has risen a bit, probably because they are a bit heavier in construction than the OE tyres.
Handling in the wet is OK but not brilliant.
They have plenty of tread left and look less than half worn, unlike the Kumhos that looked sad at 18,000k.
As we spend a bit of time off the beaten track, the tyres have been asked to work on plenty of unsealed surfaces and we are just back from a 3 week stint away in NSW, that included an interesting stretch from Nundle down to Scone, via Hanging Rock, Barry and Ellerston - certainly best done from North to South when towing a van!
An issue that is of concern with these tyres is that I have needed to repair two punctures in two tyres, both from rocks penetrating the tread of the tyre - and from the top of the tread, not from between the blocks. Both were fixed with plugs.
Interesting contrast to many years of travelling with previous Patrols shod with BFG All Terrains that never had an issue in wearing out several sets, doing a similar job with the same van.
In summary and so far, I'll rate the Yokohamas as OK for light dirt road work, but not in the same class as a proper LT tyre - it'll be back to BFG for me when/if I need replacements.

yoda42 05-25-2013 08:47 PM

Hi John , the Yokohama A/T's in 265/60/18 are passenger construction aren't they?, we had them in 265/75/16 LT on our previous Navara, did over 40,000km hard work and heavily loaded, lots of dirt and off road, and only had one puncture, but that was a piece of flat bar steel (dust coloured) on the Gibb River RD that I did not see, that punched a 8cm slit in the inner side wall!. I can't blame the tyre for that one :-/
I don't think it's fair to compare LT and passenger tyres, if the Yokohama AT's had come in a LT I would of gone with them as we had such a good run with them and the warranty is unbeatable!, (they replaced the one from the Gibb free of charge no questions asked).
We have gone BFG AT's 265/65/18 LT, went to 65 profile to get the LT, 25,000km do far and still over half tread left, have torn some tread blocks off climbing a steep rocky jump up with the camper trailer on, but so far happy with them, just not the price at $590 a tyre in Darwin it hurts to buy 5!.

John47 05-25-2013 09:52 PM

Re: 20,000k update on Yokohama Geolandar AT/S 265x60x18
Yep, the 265/60/18 Geolandars are passenger construction and certainly not LT.
I wasn't expecting to have rocks penetrate the tread from the top of the block - on two separate trips.
Both were on rear tyres and while towing with a 250kg ball weight with the vehicle lightly loaded. The tread isn't chunked however and they are wearing flat with no feathering.
All in all they are OK, likely my expectations were simply too high for what I am asking them to do.

GMWK2 05-26-2013 08:36 AM

I wonder if you can give a bit more info on the Nundle road john47. I have to go up to armidale in July so was thinking of taking this route. We normally go via walca on thunderbolts way, so I'm looking for a new side trip. What is the road like?

John47 05-26-2013 07:19 PM

Re: 20,000k update on Yokohama Geolandar AT/S 265x60x18

Originally Posted by GMWK2 (Post 829512)
I wonder if you can give a bit more info on the Nundle road john47. I have to go up to armidale in July so was thinking of taking this route. We normally go via walca on thunderbolts way, so I'm looking for a new side trip. What is the road like?

Without a caravan the route will simply be an interesting drive through great country.....towing something large will raise the adrenalin level......specially south to north when the coolant temperature will also rise.
Scone is at 215m elevation, Hanging Rock is 1100m, so you climb nearly 900m in almost 140k distance.
From Scone to Ellerston (where the Packer Group owns most of the valley for their horses it seems) the road is maintained tar/gravel, after Ellerston to Barry and beyond the road doesn't look like it is maintained, and only gets local traffic. As i recall there are twenty odd creek crossings, when we travelled only about 400/500mm deep but wouldn't be an option after heavy rain.
After Barry the road gets steep and narrow as it climbs to Hanging Rock and back on the tar.
There are plenty of rocks on the road surface but not 4wd stuff. I don't think I would be comfortable taking the OE Kumhos out there, and I did get a puncture through the tread on a Geolandar.
It is remote with no phone reception and not a lot of passing traffic once past Barry so care should be taken, but it isn't difficult.
It certainly wouldn't be a shortcut for your normal route out through Gloucester, but if you haven't been across Barrington Tops well worth an explore of that whole area providing you have the time (and fuel).

GMWK2 05-26-2013 11:19 PM

I've been across Barrington Tops several times, but have never turned north at the scone end.

Thanks for the info.

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