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Laredo2006 05-26-2013 09:59 AM

Add to 4.7 AFE CAI & Flowmaster 50 delta flow, yes or no?
What would be the pros and cons of adding a AFE Stage 2 Cold air intake & Flowmaster 50 delta flow?

Has anyone added an AFE Stage 2 Cold air intake and than removed it and went back to stock? If yes, why?

As for adding an entire FLowmaster 50 Delta Flow Force II Kit, someone said that the Jeep's pipes are already stainless steel and no point in changing them... Which parts of the exhaust system would you change than? The tailpipe and the muffler?

Also, which of these cons would still apply to the newer AFE Stage 2 Cold Air Intake: (Taken from a post written in 2008)

So What Do We Know about Cold Air Intakes:
1. Eliminates stock airbox (may be necessary for custom fenders)
2. Improved HP and TQ by about 2-3% at ~4500rpm (Engine max: 5200rpm).

1. Expensive - brand name kits cost around $150+
2. Cleaning - open element filter is exposed to much more dirt, mud, dust and debris from engine compartment.
3. Thin film of dust typically passing through filter, thus the engine is exposed to this dust.
4. Oiled filter versions further attract dust, dirt and debris.
5. Due to inadequete filtering, a Outwears Pre-filter, or similar filter sock is required, further adding to cost.
6. Requires frequent cleaning due to dirty environment
7. Increases risk of hydrolocking - exposed element can suck water into engine easily.
8. Noise - annoying "sucking" noise can be heard, sometimes associated with a loud whistle.
9. Dirty filter can cause rough and/or high idle.

honda_fox3 05-26-2013 11:24 AM

Re: Add to 4.7 AFE CAI & Flowmaster 50 delta flow, yes or no?
Exhaust is already stainless???? Really???

Anyways to your question. More power is always better ha ha. I have a cheap universal aluminum pipe intake on mine, which is typically louder than a good one and it doean't bother me. It is still quieter under cruising down the freeway than my other cars. Normal conversation is no problem. Windows down and aggressive driving I do notice the intake noise but it really isn't a big issue. As far as the hydrolocking if you are going to get into anything that deep get a snorkel.

$20+ for a filter cleaning? Seems steep, I just buy the k&n oil and cleaner bottles, they usually last for 3-4 cleanings I think last time I bought one the kit was like 20-25 bucks.

Laredo2006 05-26-2013 09:29 PM

Re: Add to 4.7 AFE CAI & Flowmaster 50 delta flow, yes or no?
I think I'm going to start with an Exhaust system and put a CAI or a drop in filter later..

Speedtech 05-27-2013 05:47 AM

Re: Add to 4.7 AFE CAI & Flowmaster 50 delta flow, yes or no?
Flowmaster exhuast will be really loud and drone, see my thread "Did not listen, now paying the price". As for the intake stuff, it is my opinion (and speed is my life) that changing from the stock airbox to one with an open element filter is stupid as I think it will let warmer air enter the engine than the stock box resulting in less power (remember every 10* less than the underhood air temp that you can keep the air entering the engine you get 1 hp) I do however thin a smoother flow of air from the stock airbox is worthwhile which is why I have the Airaid tube on mine. Avoid intake tubes that are metal because of the fact they will retain heat and warm the intake charge. I also do not like the oiled filters, paper filters are cheap compared to the washable filters and a new paper filter flows alot of air, so skip the washable filter and always have a new clean paper filter sitting in your airbox, your engine will love the better filtration the paper gives anyhow.

JeepMike 04-07-2014 07:32 PM

Re: Add to 4.7 AFE CAI & Flowmaster 50 delta flow, yes or no?
Back when I had my WJ with 4.7, I LOVED the flowmaster 50 DF.

Not too much drone in it, but the WK's could be a little different.


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