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DuckGal20g 05-29-2013 02:58 PM

Oil...light on and empty!
Light came on this a.m....I drove for an hour...checked the oil level, ZERO. I put two quarts in and the light hasn't came on again...but I've only driven it around the parking lot. ANY ideas what could burn up the oil like that? Last change was 4-5k miles ago. I have around 60k miles on it now and never had any issues. It's a 2011 JKU. :mad::mad::mad:

THAT_XJ_GUY 05-31-2013 04:27 AM

Re: Oil...light on and empty!
That's about normal. Either add oil in between services, change the oil sooner, or go to 5W30.

If you need some elaboration on this I will

bill_de 05-31-2013 05:33 AM

Re: Oil...light on and empty!
You drove for an hour with the oil light on before checking the oil :confused::confused::confused::eek:

Did you take a look under the car to see if anything is leaking?

BTW - no oil on the dipstick doesn't mean no oil. It doesn't go to the bottom of the pan. If you had zero oil, you most likely wouldn't have driven for an hour.

Did you check it again after adding 2 quarts? That might have been too much.

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