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Zetzsche248 05-30-2013 09:55 AM

Was seeing what u guy think about price on my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo4x4,it has 78,000 miles and it has the 4.7,it's in mint Condition and I'm the only owner(bought brand new in 2003).I have my 2013 Overland and my 2004 Grand Cherokee already!!

DaMitsuMan 05-30-2013 10:39 AM

Re: Thinking of Selling my 2002
I traded my 02 Limited with the 4.7 H.O motor with 100,000 miles and I got 5 grand for it. If I had to do it again I would have kept it. Again this was a trade in, and not a private sale.. but you get the idea.

TheStreet16 05-31-2013 04:27 PM

Re: Thinking of Selling my 2002
You could get 6 for it. I'd put it out there for 6.5 and see what type of responses you get.

Father Tiresias 05-31-2013 05:22 PM

Re: Thinking of Selling my 2002
Wow, these ar damned expensive in the USA. In the UK you'd be very lucky to get 2.5k (or $3750) for it!! My 1999 GC LTD would be hard pushed to reach 1200 ($1821) if I tried to sell it. I guess you guys are more used to bigger engine fuel consumption than we are. Anything over 2 litres really has trouble selling over here.

Frango100 05-31-2013 06:24 PM

Re: Thinking of Selling my 2002
Here in Brazil a 2004 Lmtd still goes for 40.000 Reais, more or less 20.000 US.
A 2000 probably 30.000, so 15.000 US.
A new grand cherokee for around 160.000 Reais, so 80.000 US.:eek:

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