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shrapnel84 05-30-2013 10:04 PM

Misfire on c and e left bank
Hey guys just picked up an 04 grand cherokee overland 4.7 from sheriff auction. Started it up ran kinda off so had obd2 test done and came up 3 and 5 cylinders are missing put in new plugs 2 new coil packs nothing changed did compression tests and all 8 held between 140 and 160. Anyone have any further advice for me before I dump money into a shop to tell me what possibly could be the issue? I got spark and fuel in the bad cylinders also. Thanks in advance

2005JGC 06-12-2013 02:36 PM

Re: Misfire on c and e left bank
common problems are spit out rocker arms, if your exhaust valves are not opening it will still suck air and create compression but wont operate. If you pull the even bank valve cover off you would clearly see the rockers laying in the head if this is the case. IF this is the case it is due to other issues, possible valve seat, valves sticking in the guides...

Other common issues (not as common on those exact cylinders, I usually see them on the corner cylinders, 1,2,7,8) but head gasket issues are very common on the 4.7l... If it has been run hot 1 time and ONLY 1 time it has likely blown a head gasket.

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