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wta0002 05-31-2013 01:29 AM

5.7 Hemi spark plug replacement
Has anyone replaced their spark plugs on their own? I consider myself handy, but I don't know if I'm wanting to strap in for this one. I've seen a lot of DIY videos. But saving 400 bucks would be nice. Just need some reassurance.

NHPATRIOT 05-31-2013 07:36 AM

re: 5.7 Hemi spark plug replacement
5.7L not 5.8L just FYI.

The plugs are a real nightmare in the Ram trucks. Don't know on the Jeep's with the HEMI though? Probably as bad or even worse.

WKHemiGuy 06-02-2013 01:19 AM

Always try to tighten them before removing, they back right out every time!

Megatron 06-02-2013 01:30 AM


Originally Posted by NHPATRIOT (Post 832285)
5.7L not 5.8L just FYI.

Fixed the title

Carbon28 06-02-2013 08:43 PM

Re: 5.7 Hemi spark plug replacement
Honestly if you consider yourself handy and you have the ability to change your oil correctly you can handle the spark plugs...

Look up there a DIY that a member did and I followed mildy close to it and I did it in about 3.5-4 hours by myself being the first time me ever doing it.

Main concerns you have to consider:
-Let your jeep sit for a good day or overnight so the engine block is completely COLD, dont want to mess up the threads to your block

-Pre gap your spark plugs before the actual job, saves an immense amount of time.

-Get a 5/8s magnetic spark plug socket, Napa sells a decent set for 35 bucks

-I found doing the left bank (looking at the engine) is easiest to do first to get your confidence up about trudging through. Because there is hella space around there for you to get used to torquing your plugs.

-Dont think to much about it, just like flying, just jump. I was apprehensive but I took my time and my Hemi isn't mis-firing and a plug hasn't shot through the hood so I think I torqued them correctly.

Good luck mate

crewstopher 06-25-2013 01:39 PM

Re: 5.7 Hemi spark plug replacement
I did mine about 2 months ago, and I also recommend replacing the wires while your at it. Carbon28 has got some good pointers, engine needs to be COLD.

Make sure to use the Copper 570's copper core plugs, they are pre-gapped to the correct setting and they are stupid cheap ($1.50 each) at autozone, which is a good thing since you need 16 of them. Also grab a tube of dielectric grease.

You will need atleast 2 universals for your socket wrench, and a handful of extentions. I picked up a plug socket with a universal ontop for like $10 at sears, it helped alot since the plugs are relatively deep inside.

Be sure to use a torque wrench to get the proper torque. If not tight enough you will have a gas smell inside the cabin.

If replacing the wires aswell, I recommend doing one set of wires and their plugs before moving to the next set, so you dont mix up the firing sequence.

It took me about 30 minutes per cylinder, so about 4 hours. It would probably go faster next time since alot of that time if trying to figure out the best ways to get in and out, running the wires thru the looms and cleaning.

tomk 06-26-2013 05:20 AM

Re: 5.7 Hemi spark plug replacement
Just so people don't get confused: Your Hemi may not have any ignition wires. Those went away in '06 IIRC.

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