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Ocada 06-01-2013 09:16 PM

Question for the 2wd folks
Hey guys,

So my wife and I have always liked the wk2 and we're both really liking the 2014 updates. We test drove a 4x4 overland v6 last weekend and loved how it felt and looked in all aspects.

The question I had was for the 2wd folks. We live in Southern California, don't need to tow anything and have no plans for towing in the future (we don't have a boat or trailer and have no plans for those). In the past I had a 4x2 f150 that I took off roading on jeep roads and found it perfectly capable. And really I would probably never take this off road in a place a 4x2 couldn't handle.

We're probably the quintessential costco run couple but were strongly drawn to the JGC. Problem is it seems a little sac religious to buy a 4x2 jeep. I almost feel compelled to buy a 4x4 just because :). That being said we love the overland's look but definitely dont need all that the overland has to offer.

So for you 2wd guys why did you pick the JGC when you could get a more capable road CUV? How do you feel your vehicle handles as a RWD CUV? Did you consider the Durango or a luxury make? Any regret?

Thanks guys. Looking forward to joining the jeep world.

LSU_FAN 06-01-2013 09:35 PM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks
It's my wifes everyday vehicle so it didn't need to be 4wd and will most likely never see anything more than a dirt road. I also own a 4wd truck that handles the off road and towing needs. I would guess that the 2wd JGC is at least as capable as any 2wd truck, probably more so.

Lanrete 06-01-2013 09:47 PM

While you might not see offroad, the AWD 4WD is really nice on rainy days. Which is the main reason we got 4WD, besides future offroad use.

Mcdenny 06-01-2013 09:49 PM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks
Actually the 2wd would be better for towing (except slippery boat ramps) than 4wd. Higher payload capacity.

2wd wk2s are far more popular in the South east US than 4 WD.

Get what you like!

gc4x4 06-02-2013 09:33 AM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks
I can tell you that 2wd SUCKS on a Jeep, on my 2012 Laredo I had, it would get stuck on a simple logging road and I couldn't get up any small inclines or hills during last years snowstorm, heck my parents 09 Dodge Ram 2wd made it up the same hill my jeep couldn't and i promptly got rid of it. On my Current Limited with select terrain 4wd I can go just about anywhere without any problem whatsoever which is what a jeep should do. Do the smart thing and get a 4wd, youll have better value and piece of mind when you really need it.

GBJeep 06-02-2013 09:53 AM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks

Originally Posted by Mcdenny (Post 833186)

2wd wk2s are far more popular in the South east US than 4 WD.

Get what you like!

That's true- If your needs don't require a 4WD then get what makes you happy. I have the 2WD and have no complaints!

Specx 06-02-2013 10:18 AM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks
I was in the same boat as you, living in Southern California and with this primarily being my wife's vehicle, 4WD wasn't really needed. I couldn't own a Jeep and not get it as a 4WD and while it will be mostly on road, we do go camping every summer with the family and I can now see myself taking some of the more extreme trails now that we have a vehicle capable of doing so. Whatever you buy, just make sure you don't have any regrets. That was the main point of this purchase for us, getting what we wanted even if we wouldn't need it right away, that way we wouldn't regret it later on.

Sudbury78 06-02-2013 01:08 PM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks
I live in Arizona and between my last 4 SUV's, 04 overland, Range Rover, X5 and my current 11 overland, all have been 4WD. I have not once ever needed the 4 wheel aspect and never plan to take it anywhere. I even avoid taking it on a dirt road which sometimes i had too showing a house or makeshift parking lots for the Golf tourney/barrett jackson auction. Therefore, I ordered the 2WD summit. I think for those of us in these area's, especially So cal, AZ, florida, etc the rear wheel drive is quite suitable. Just my 2 cents.

Pillbucket 06-02-2013 03:58 PM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks
I guess I too will comment as my 2012 Limited is 2WD.

As you have said I was drawn to the looks and style of the 2012 GC when I bought mine. The fact it isn't a 4WD was by my choice and for the same reasons to a degree as you have stated. I am not an off roader and don't plan to be, the occasional dirt road or something of that sort is as far as I will be going off road.

The 2WD jeep is a fantastic hiway cruiser, just took a 600 plus mile trip yesterday to central Texas and the GC was a total joy to drive. Quiet, powerful (Hemi), comfortable, and with enough tech goodies to keep me occupied (SAT radio, and bluetooth).\

In the end it is your choice and you will have to make it but if you are the same kind of driver I am you will never miss the 4WD and won't have to maintain all those extra parts you are dragging around all the time.

Now having said all that I do wonder about the resale value of a 2WD jeep......

4jeepdiesel 06-02-2013 08:06 PM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks
If you don't really need all the new stuff I would suggest to look at getting a carry-over 2013 model at a sweet deal!

padgett 06-02-2013 08:21 PM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks
I have a 3.6 2WD and it does everything I want including towing. Despite what the spec sheet says, my ABS is a 4 channel (necessary for the traction control to work) and the TC does act like a posi without the downside (fishtail).

I do live in the flatlands but while I do a lot of towing (mostly cars) have never had a 4x4 or felt the need for one (my last tow/trip car was a Pontiac TranSport. I do have the factory towing package.

Also if you look into the details, the 2wd gets about a mpg better than the 4x4 across the board and as mentioned there are a lot less whirling bits to go wrong. It is also about $2K less than a 4x4 MSRP, the lifetime warrenty is about $150 cheaper, and it weighs less.

I would have bought one with the diesel if it had been available but personaly see a lot of downside and no up to a 4WD other than a badge.

Take that back, there is one downside, if flat Toad you have to drop the driveshaft but would have something a lot smaller for a toad anyway (like my scooter).

Must admit I do not fit the preferred profile anyway since my out-the-door for my '12 was under $30k and it is exactly what I wanted. Grew up with "if it don't go, chrome it".

ps just checked the KBB & the current resale for my '12 is less but within $2k of the 4wd at least around here.

jerryw1000 06-02-2013 09:51 PM

Re: Question for the 2wd folks
Two words.....maintenance cost.......when they tell you it's time to change the fluid in the front, rear, and transfer case gear boxes. Plus any other 4x4 peculiar maintenance and wear items.

I own an '11 4x4 JCG. I needed a 4x4 with a transfer case that could be put in neutral so I can flat tow it behind a motorhome. I love the car and the way it rides and handles. The wife liked it too when she had to drive it. She wanted her own for running around town when we were at the sticks and bricks house. We both drove a '14 4x2 and I found the ride and handling to be almost exactly the same....only a couple of hundred pounds lighter, another mile or so per gallon mileage, and less maintenance costs when you hit those "full service" mileage marks. Anyway, we ordered the wife a '14 4x2 Limited with the big NAV screen and she gets the auto lift gate which mine does not have. She is happy and when she is happy, I'm happy.

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