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reevlak 06-06-2013 12:41 AM

Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
Yes the title reads correctly, what are 12s going for on the used market? Has anyone here traded theirs in or sold it privately?

Scottina06 06-06-2013 12:43 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
now why would you do that?

reevlak 06-06-2013 12:48 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
haha, life thats why. Well lets just say if it was capable of towing at least 6000lbs i wouldnt be giving it up.

Scottina06 06-06-2013 12:52 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
many guys tow more than 6000k pounds with their SRT's....youll just need a heavier rated hitch. Maybe a 2014 jeep SRT?

reevlak 06-06-2013 12:59 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
i tried looking for a hitch rated for a over 6000lbs for our jeeps for came up empty handed. What is the difference in the 2014 which allows it to tow more?

tjbuz 06-06-2013 01:37 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
The 8-speed vs. the 5-speed has the biggest effect on towing capability. I am sure you occasionally notice the lag in your 5-speed in the lower speed ranges where you get stuck in 2nd or 3rd and feel like you need an extra gear.

My 2014 will be in later this week, and the dealer started with a $47K trade offer for my 2012. I have them up to $48K for sure, and hoping to get closer to $49K when I go in to pick up the new car later this week. The 2012 has just under 15K miles on it, all options except the full panoramic roof (does have sunroof). With the 8% AZ tax savings on my new one, it's like getting closer to $53K on a private party sale.

reevlak 06-06-2013 02:13 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
mmm. thanks TJ. ill check with my dealership tomorrow...there is a pretty Apline white sitting in the show room, i might trade up for if i can get a good trade in value.

tjbuz 06-06-2013 02:22 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
Good luck reevlak! There are not many of these out there for sale, so the dealers know they can move them quickly. It's a pretty good bargaining chip to be trading the 2012.

tjbuz 06-06-2013 02:43 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
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This attachment may be helpful... A comparison I did between Edmunds and KBB, averaging the numbers between "clean" and "outstanding". To help decide whether I should sell or trade, I plugged in the tax savings on the trade-in. With higher AZ sales tax rates, it makes more sense to trade it if I can get them close to $49K. I think your CA tax rates are upward of 7.5%, so you are in a similar situation.

Keep in mind that the dealers will always be a bit below where Edmunds and KBB show your values.

forza 06-06-2013 04:02 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
Towing capacity for a 2014 is 7200 lbs. So you could have the best of both worlds. Just get one with the towing package on it.

tjbuz 06-06-2013 10:11 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
Forza, is yours silver? If so do you have any pics posted? Mine's not ready yet, and I have not found many pics of the Billet Silver.


HAMMMERHEAD 06-06-2013 10:35 AM

Re: Might be selling my Wk2 SRT
Lots of 12's out there. Problem with them is that they are already 2 years old.Many under 15K miles that can be had well under 50K.

BTW, I believe the factory hitch has a class 4 rating and towing 6000lbs is not to worry about with a '12. Just keep the tounge weight in check.

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