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Sponge Bob 06-07-2013 08:24 PM

TSB 21-001-11 Loose Transmission Fasteners
Hey Gang,

Has anyone had TSB 21-001-11 (2/15/11) completed on their GC? The TSB is for loose crankshaft to transmission torque converter drive plate fasteners. It applies to all 3.6L engines built before 12/22/10. The dealer is instructed to remove the transmission, check the torque on the fasteners, install new torque converter drive plate, spacer and fasteners if the original fasteners were not torqued properly.

Iím nearing the end of the 3 year warranty and donít want to get stuck with a huge repair bill AFTER the warranty expires due to problems possibly caused by the loose fasteners. I only have 16K on a 2011 GCX built in July 2010 and donít have any problems with the tranny..... yet. At the same time, my dealer has not instilled a lot of confidence in me with their previous repairs. It always seems I know more about the vehicle then they do Ė including TSBs.

My Jeep is going in on Tuesday due to a leaking Power Steering Rack under TSB 19-006-10 (thanks to RageofFury) so figured I would request they perform the tranny TSB at the same time.

Any thoughts, suggestions and opinions would be appreciated.


AAAA 06-07-2013 08:32 PM

Re: TSB 21-001-11 Loose Transmission Fasteners
Most dealers will not perform that type of TSB unless you actually experience a problem. I would, however, check to see if it falls under the 3year/36mi warranty or the longer drivetrain warranty.

jerryw1000 06-07-2013 10:00 PM

Re: TSB 21-001-11 Loose Transmission Fasteners
The TSB be says "suspect" vehicles:

"This bulletin applies only to suspect vehicles equipped with the 3.6L engine
(Sales Code ERB) built before December 22, 2010 (MDH 1222XX)."

Then is says "some" vehicles.

"Some vehicles may have been built with loose crankshaft to transmission torque converter drive plate fasteners."

Have you had any "knocking/rattle noise coming from the transmission area"?

If you haven't had any symptoms, I doubt the dealer will do the TSB. If you haven't had those symptoms in 16K I doubt yours are loose. I don't know if I would want the dealer dropping my tranny and all the other stuff that has to come off to get the tranny out if I did not have any problems.

Your call. You could always tell the dealer you've had knocking and rattling from the tranny. Even if they don't do the TSB you would have a service order where you complained about the problem before the warranty ran out. I do believe that this would fall under the 5 year/100000 power train warranty.

I've got a 2011 built 10/10 with about the same mileage on it as yours but I have not had any noises from the tranny and I think I will leave this one alone. It was bad enough watching them drop drive shafts and the exhaust system to do the TSB on changing out the fuel tank for the new one with baffles. That turned into a 2 day ordeal because they didn't calibrate the fuel pump to the fuel gauge so they had to drop the new tank and all of the associated stuff again to fix the fuel gauge.

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