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JoePistone 06-16-2013 06:05 AM

Good Year Eagle RS-A / Wear From Desert Heat and Offroading
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Hey guys.

I live in Kuwait, and I never changed my tires. They came with the GY Eagle RS-A. I have the 20 inch rims, they came in 265/50/R20.

I know they are not off road tires, but they did surprisingly well with soft sand and excellent on road. However, unfortunately the Kuwaiti weather and especially going out to the desert in this heat has taken it's toll on my tires.

I just thought I'd share with you all the wear. I've done about 39,000 KM (just a touch over) and I'd say about 4-5,000 km have been purely offroad in the desert. I don't do much rock climbing but I do a lot of driving in the actual desert sand and yes before you comment, somehow these tires in this size have been wonderful.

However, it's time to change them. I'm looking at the same size tires but nitto terra grapplers. I called the Nitto office and they said it may be a bit of a wait since the only tires they carry in that size at the current moment as the NT420s and they only have 2 left in this size.

I'm looking for a more aggressive tread. I was really hoping for terra grapplers and if that's the case I'd have to order them and wait about 2 weeks. I'm not sure how much longer my tires will last in this heat. It gets up to 50+ degrees Celsius in the summer times here. Currently we're in the high to mid 40s and should get to about 50 in a 2 weeks or so.

Any recommendations on other tire alternatives? I don't want to pay the extra fee of making a special order (shipping fees) and waiting the 2 weeks. This makes me very sad because I really like the look of the terra grapplers on the WK2 and I really wanted to test out their off road performance which I hear is out of this world.

A friend of mine recommended I go in and check out yokohoma. I'm not too keen as I'm under the impression that they don't make A/T tires.

Well anyways, here's the image attached to this post.

JoeD 06-16-2013 08:12 AM

Re: Good Year Eagle RS-A / Wear From Desert Heat and Offroading
You don't want aggressive tires for sand, I would stick with an all terrain or even something similar to what you have.

JoePistone 06-17-2013 06:41 AM

Re: Good Year Eagle RS-A / Wear From Desert Heat and Offroading
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I replaced the tires last night. Unfortunately, I went to about 6 different tire shops and none had my size. I eventually found a brand called Marshal (that are essentially Kumho). The tires I purchased were highly inexpensive in comparison to other options so I chose it as a temporary solution. Will probably ride them for another 20,000km before changing.

I ended up with the Marshal Matrac STX (I think the codename for Kumho is KL12).

They don't look too bad and surprisingly (not as the review tend to say in the comments section) are pretty quiet and do pretty well on road. I have yet to try it out in the sand. I'm not going to bet that they'll do better than the good year eagle rs-a but I think they should be fine for some light offroading in the sand. Definitely no dune bashing. I'm going to try to get an order in on some terra grapplers and keep them for when these bad boys are done).

I've attached an image to this post. Please ignore the shoddy instagram filter. Shameful, I know...

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