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WKorBust 06-16-2013 11:48 AM

Broken Sunroof clip
I have an issue where the back part of the sunroof on the passenger side was not pushing up to make a tight seal. I did some troubleshooting thinking it was a calibration issue and turns out the issue is mechanical, not software.

The sunroof glass screws to two plastic guide rails. These guide rails are nested in two plastic guide tracks. These plastic guide tracks are pulled around via a plastic-covered aluminum rail. Well to get the two sets of screws out to remove the sunroof glass, I had to chip away at the guide rails. I wasn't worried about that since I thought this was the broken part to begin with and already had replacements from chryslerpartsdirect on hand.

After removing the sunroof glass and examining the track, I found that its the actual plastic-covered aluminum rail that has its plastic clip broken off. I don't even see this part in the exploded diagram so I have no idea how to replace it, or if its a one-piece set with a new sunroof motor and the motor works fine. Watching how the motor pushes and pulls, its the lack of this clip being attached to the rest of the cluster that causes the rear part of the sunroof not to push up and form a tight seal. Right now the Jeep is sitting in the garage with a scheduled dealer visit this Tuesday.

I'd love to fix this myself and cancel the dealer visit that will most likley cost >$500, so any suggestions? I'll update this post with a photo of the part that is broken once I get it off my phone.

WKorBust 06-16-2013 05:18 PM

Re: Broken Sunroof clip
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Attached broken and non-broken.

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