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Jeremy0322 06-17-2013 03:42 PM

2005 Grand Cherokee Headlights/Fob issues?
Bare with me as I could be grasping at straws here but I am having a few issues at the moment and could use a few opinions.

About 8 months back I locked my Jeep using the fob and went into the store, walked out and went to unlock it; nothing. AAA had to come break into it, I replaced the battery in the Fob, and everything worked fine. 3 months later that same thing, this time I had an extra fob battery in my wallet so I switched it, tried again and nothing. Ended up calling AAA, again, they came and broke in, again, and once it was started I was curious so I tried locking it with the fob which worked and then unlocking it which worked; it seemed to reset once the thing started back up. About 3 weeks ago the same thing happened (I know I should have an emergency key but I never got around to getting one and since it was used when I purchased it they didn't give me one for some weird reason). That is problem #1, which I figured was a broken fob until this started happening today...

Head lights are now flickering on and off. I looked around online and saw that it could be the ignition or light switch, but after doing a few quick tests I got nothing until I realized that if you get past about 1k RPM they work flawlessly, and if you are sitting there they wont even come on, which is obviously electrical. I will have the battery and alternator checked tomorrow after work and will end up cleaning the slight corrosion off of the battery terminals to see if that helps(even though it doesn't seem like corrosion to me and more like a crap battery?

Any opinions about maybe a connection between the two? Any thoughts and opinions help, im new to the site but not to vehicles and I know that more opinions is always better than 1. Thank you for your time guys

Jeremy0322 06-18-2013 06:35 AM

Re: 2005 Grand Cherokee Headlights/Fob issues?
On the way to work this morning I just had the running lights and the fogs on, not the actual headlights, and not a single issue. When I would turn the headlights on they would go insane and those along with the HUD would start flashing, and then upon going back to fogs everything would be fine again, seems strange. I'm going to get it tested later on and maybe change out a fuse or two?

Jeremy0322 06-18-2013 10:35 AM

Re: 2005 Grand Cherokee Headlights/Fob issues?
Hmm, I really thought someone would have had a suggestion or two

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