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Jeepster04 06-25-2013 07:50 AM

Changing Tranny oil in SRT8
I’ve read every thread I can find on changing the oil in a NAG1 transmission. Instead of spending $40-$60 on a miller dipstick I’ve got a dipstick from a junk yard. When I put the dipstick in and it stops, I get nothing on the dipstick. If I push it harder the dipstick pops down in and I get around 2.5" of oil on the dipstick. Once it pops it does eventually stop so I’m not sure if its going sideways in the pan or what. This is with the jeep sitting level NOT running. The jeep hasn’t been started in around a week. Every time I put the dipstick in I get a different reading so I don’t see any use in driving it yet and checking it with it running.

For anyone that is confident with their readings, is it possible that I could get a measurement of how much of the dipstick is going into the tube? If I could take the pan off and see what’s going on I could figure it out but I don’t feel confident that I can get a good reading once I change the fluid+filter. I plan on catching all the fluid I can and putting the same amount back in but I still want to check the fluid.

Also, does anyone have the chart for the temps/readings of fluid? I’ve read that when cold it may not show up on the dipstick so I’m wondering if that is what’s happening when the dipstick first stops.

Thanks for any advice.

Jeepster04 06-25-2013 07:04 PM

Re: Changing Tranny oil in SRT8
Well I was eager to get this done so I went ahead and dropped the pan. Ended up getting 2.25"(57.15mm) on the dipstick with the tranny at 80F. Ran it through the gears and checked it with the tranny in P.

Gotta say this was the easiest tranny Ive ever serviced. Not sure why Chrysler cant make all of their trannys like this one. I was very careful to catch all the fluid and measure it. Got ~4.2 qts total by dropping the pan. I let the filter drain for around an hour to get all I could out of it before measuring the fluid. Put 4qts back in it and with the fluid at 80F it was right at 2.25" again, so I think Im good. Haven't driven it yet to see what I get with it hot.

For anyone that wants to know, I had 38 3/8" down in the tube. Does anyone know if the graph I have is the correct one? If I go to the 57mm on the graph it says the tranny should be ~145F. Its been serviced at the dealer under a prior owner so its very possible its over filled.

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