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LetMeRide 06-27-2013 11:28 PM

2014 Transmission Issue...maybe?
I leased a 2014 GC Limited a couple weeks ago. It currently has about 800 miles on it. I am coming from a 2007 Laredo so it drives completely different. The main thing I am noticing is the automatic shifting. It seems like at lower speeds, it is quick to upshift all the way to 4th or 5th in the 25-30mph range. So now saying you are driving at 25-30 mph and then you need to accelerate...the jeep hesitates to accelerate so you give it a little more gas then it downshifts and takes off like you gunned it. Not sure if that makes sense. Also, there are times when accelerating and it feels like it a clutch slipping (though it's not a manual) at low speeds. I think I noticed this with AC on. Hopefully if this is not correct it is a software issue that could be fixed??

Another thing I noticed...say you are slowing down from 45 mph. You can feel the Jeep downshift. It almost feels like you pumped the brakes especially toward the lower gears when you're coming to a complete stop. Is this normal?

This is in normal Drive mode. Sometimes I feel like I'm driving a manual trans again or the Jeep trans is only geared for high end. Thoughts?

JeepGCOverland 06-28-2013 12:02 AM

Re: 2014 Transmission Issue...maybe?

Try either the battery disconnect or fuse disconnect mentioned in this thread to reset the transmission. The transmission reset eliminated the characteristics you described for almost all of the people who tried it.

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