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josebroo 06-28-2013 09:04 PM

Check Engine Light, Shifting Issues, TPS - no fix
Hi guys, new to the garage and I appreciate you being here. I apologize in advance for such a long thread. I'm beside myself on a lingering transmission issue. I live in a town where the local mechanics say $8000 and the customers here don't bat an eye when breaking out their American Express. I'm not one of those guys. A little bit of history, I do have the 4.7 with the premium towing package yet never towed anything in the Jeep's life. In 2011, I was about 4 hours into a trip to northern Michigan, check engine light comes on, slipped in and out of OD on the express-way, 3600+ rpms @ 70mph, hard shift at lower speeds. I assumed that I was screwed. After minimal driving then a 5 hour limp drive home, I had taken it to a local trans shop. He drove it for 2 minutes and determined it was the speed governor sensor in the trans, he'll do it for $500 at the minimum. Yikes I said (could be worse though). After figuring out how the hell Im going to pay for this, the very next day, the check engine light went off, shifted like a brand new Jeep. No repair occured, just luck I guess. Two years later, it's back.......... and possibly here to stay.

Last fall, I had a weird fluctuation in my temp gauge. I could hear the fan as if I was cleared for take-off. After a day of this, I pulled to the side and shut off my engine due to the gauge closely reaching the red. Let it cool, drove home a mile. Popped hood, found "orange" sour cream-like crap everywhere. MF'er, I F'd my engine...... then I saw the Oil was clean. Couldn't say the same for the trans dip stick. This was repaired and flushed many times with MOPAR trans fluid ($$$). I was told that the clutch plate could be damaged from the coolant, time will tell. I had no issues until that light came back a week ago (June 2013).

Same issue as a couple summers ago. Shifting rough, check engine light, acts as if I'm ridding in 3rd gear. At one point, after putting in reverse then drive, acted as if my clutch was indeed gone, high rpm, no go. Well, disconnected battery, check engine light gone, shifted just fine like a new jeep, then that light came back. Changed TPS as recommended. Bought part from Advance Auto. I was then told, that stuff is garbage and probably wont work. It didn't. I went to the Jeep dealer and bought the MOPAR, didn't shut the light off. I had read forums, all members with same symptoms, TPS TPS TPS was the resolution. It didn't do it for me. It cant be mechanical, when the light is off, shifts perfect.

I can fix people per my profession, but cars not so much........and being frugal..... I'm hoping that you professionals can steer me the right way without having to pay $1000's (I may have to).

Frango100 06-28-2013 10:40 PM

Re: Check Engine Light, Shifting Issues, TPS - no fix
Welcome to the garage.
A long story, but couldnīt find which type of jeep in the story:rolleyes:.
But having a 4.7 engine, it should have the 5-45 RFE transmission.
The check engine light was on, did you check for the fault code, before changing anything?
Speed governor sensor?? Speed sensor maybe?
But first check which fault code is set by using the key dance: ignition switch off/on three times and leave it in on at the third time. The odometer will show you the fault code(s) or DONE when all ok.
It probably has P0700 (generic transmission fault code), but maybe more. When only P0700, then you need a scanner to scan the TCM for fault codes. Then with the fault code we probably know more.
But hard shifting and maybe even staying in limp mode (3rd gear for the 5-45RFE) could very good be caused by one of the two speed sensors.
By the way, did the transmission fluid cooler internally leak and did coolant enter the transmission? Damage to a clutch plate was probably refering to one of the internal transmission clutches. How does the transmission fluid look and smell?

josebroo 06-29-2013 09:21 AM

Re: Check Engine Light, Shifting Issues, TPS - no fix
Thanks Frank!

2004 JEEP Grand Cherokee 4.7 Lmtd, Quadra-drive

When it was doing this a couple years ago, O'Reily's Autoparts noted the "generic trans code" with their scanner. I had just performed the manual check, same P0700 then "done." Trans fluid appears orange/transparent and smells like oil I guess, a unique smell. When the cooler ruptured, it did indeed infiltrate both systems. Mechanic had to flush the radiator as well as the trans several times (each time with the MOPAR brand as he stated). This time around, I have changed the TPS twice, generic brand and the MOPAR brand. I had removed cleaned the IAC below as well. The IAC was changed maybe a 3 years ago. Is it possible to put the TPS on the throttle body upside down or would that even make a difference? Where is the other sensor? (scared to ask)

Thanks for your time!

Im at 140K, I want to keep this Jeep in the fleet with the plan of getting a new limited this coming fall (or older SRT8 if the wife would only let me).

josebroo 06-29-2013 09:25 AM

Re: Check Engine Light, Shifting Issues, TPS - no fix
By the way.......... MOPAR TPS part# 1-05017479AA, BWD TPS part# EC3208

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