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josebroo 07-01-2013 07:23 PM

Governor Pressure Sensor change on 2004 Grand Cherokee Lmtd 4.7
Has anyone done this on their vehicle? Im concerned that Im in way over my head to attempt this. I have the usual check engine line, generic trans code, rough shifting ect. Of course when the light is off, all shifts completely normal. Changed the TPS first with AZ parts, no fix then the more expensive MOPAR TPS. The throttle body is clean, IAC is newer, the last resort is this governor pressure sensor. So before I go out and buy the MOPAR trans fluid and a new sensor, does anyone have a word(s) of advice?

I know to drain, drop pan, remove filter, remove sensor housing, remove "transducer" the the gov press sensor. Do I need to replace the so called transducer?? Also my reverse lights do not illuminate. Where is that sensor?

Some guy in a youtube video does it and claims it should only take a half hour. Im the guy that lost his mind, spending two hours trying to remove a bolt on a mustang caliper finding out that I was turning it the wrong way. Any word of advice would be greatly appreciated. (other than "rightly-tighty, lefty loosey")

thanks for your time

Frango100 07-01-2013 09:57 PM

Re: Governor Pressure Sensor change on 2004 Grand Cherokee Lmtd 4.7
The 4.7 L is coupled to the 5-45RFE transmission. This transmission doesn't have a governor pressure sensor. You will find one in the 42RE transmission, which is coupled to the 4.0 L.
When there is the generic P0700 code stored in the PCM, you need to have the TCM scanned for stored faults.
Rough shifting many times is caused by a faulty TPS, but it could also have to do with a faulty speed sensor. (the 5-45RFE has two speed sensors)
When the fault is intermittent, i would start checking for chaved wiring and check all transmission related connectors for looseness and/or dirty pins.
The reverse lights switch is part of the TRS/solenoid block inside the transmission.

josebroo 07-10-2013 10:28 AM

Thanks Frango! The Jeep dealer went to look up a part number the speed sensors and only came up with a "transducer" part. Using my VIN, they stated that my Jeep doesnt show speed sensors for my trans (2004 JGC V8 4.7 w/tow package). After hanging up the phone with them, I'm not totally convinced of this. Also I had viewed other forums regarding speed sensors (input & output), most of the folks state that they showed more codes for that being the culprit. My key dance only reveals the general P0700.

Thanks for all of your input!

Frango100 07-10-2013 03:19 PM

Re: Governor Pressure Sensor change on 2004 Grand Cherokee Lmtd 4.7
Those jeep dealers (or in fact many of the dealers) have not properly trained personell. The 5-45RFE has certainly two speed sensors, both mounted on the left side of the transmission. The forward sensor is the input sensor and the aft sensor is the output sensor.
But best is to take your jeep to a place where they can scan the TCM (transmission control module) and see which fault(s) is (are) stored. Then you can decide which part needs to be changed. The keydance will only show you the generic transmission fault code.
When any part is needed for the transmission, then this is a good address: They work with OEM parts and for a good price. I bought my solenoid block, speed sensors and line pressure sensor from them.
I just see now as well that on this site they call the line pressure sensor the governor pressure sensor. This sensor is mounted on the right hand side of the transmission close to the exhaust hanger. It will measure the regulated pressure which is used for the clutch applications and this signal returns to the TCM so that it knows that the pressure is as needed, the so called closed loop system. I would not expect this sensor to be causing your problems now.
Your problem could be related to the TRS/solenoid block. This is the control solenoid assy which does all the shifting. This unit also has the reverse switch in it. Ofcourse your reverse lights problem could be something else, like a wire problem for example.

josebroo 07-14-2013 10:10 AM

Frango, you are the man! I went the Jeep dealer yesterday, $54 a piece for the speed sensors based off recommendation and a hunch. I drove the Jeep for the first time yesterday, 15miles, same crap. Stopped at Autozone, they scanned my OBD, came up with "P0720 - Speed Output Sensor Fault" compared to my "key dance code" of P0700. SO.... hoping that will be the answer to my woes. Even though the code reveals "output," should I replace "input" as well? If this doesnt do it, I will be forced to deliver her to the deep, perhaps endless money pit.... a trans shop. Im convinced they'll just say I need a rebuild. Ill keep you posted

by the way, thanks for the parts link above. Much cheaper

Frango100 07-14-2013 12:34 PM

Re: Governor Pressure Sensor change on 2004 Grand Cherokee Lmtd 4.7
I think for the price of the part its a good idea to change both speed sensors at the same time. You can never tell how long those sensors will perform well, but a fact is that over time they finally start giving problems.
Sensor replacement is very simple and takes about 5 minutes each. Do it on a cold transmission, to not burn your hands and to prevent excessive fluid loss. Just remove the connector by pressing the release button and pull. Just one 8 mm bolt and pull it out straight. Put some fresh fluid on the seal of the new sensor to facilitate the installation and happy jeeping again. :thumbsup:
Also when you are under there, check the wiring if its not touching any metal part, which could cause shaving and ultimately creating a ground path. Also check if the connector is clean and free of oxidation.

josebroo 07-19-2013 11:11 AM

Frango, nice job! Both sensors changed, reset engine light......shifting like a new Jeep. You also saved me $50 on where to get my parts. Thank you so very much

-side note... I had trouble disengaging clip from output sensor, actually damaged the sensor trying to separate the two. I had cleaned and re-connected to the new sensor and it clips on and off how it should.

Also since not driving the Jeep for a month, noticed it was pulling to the right a tad when I test drove, checked my TPS on the fly, all tire pressures were good. Got home after a 4mile drive, front right caliper/pads were smoking. Looks as if my caliper locked up. It's unfortunate since I replaced this caliper last March with new pads. So not "happy Jeeping" just yet. Im going to remove it, push back the piston and re-apply to see what happens, otherwise I may have a bum caliper from the parts store. ANy thoughts?

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