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Sleestak 07-03-2013 01:51 PM

2014 JGC Overland malfunction at 2800 miles.
I'll try to keep this brief and will answer any questions I don't make clear in this thread.

I bought a brand new 2014 JGC Overland with Tech package on April 30, 2013 in the Northern Virginia area.

1st issue (and somewhat minor): As we all know, the RA4 Nav (along with the RA3) has several issues. I won’t go into them here but whatever you can dream up is probably what's happening to mine. Blue screen during reverse, freezes up, etc. Taken back to the dealer and several times for repair but to no avail.

2nd issue and a bit more severe: 1900 miles in, the crankshaft sensor failed and Jeep had to be towed. The service center's response was that a piece of paper (or something) between two areas was not installed during the manufacturing and therefore, causing a short and the jeep to shut down. It was fixed and life went on. Thinking it's an isolated issue I didn't push it.

3rd issue and this time very severe: This past Friday, 2879 miles in, I goto start the vehicle cold from my garage and the entire dashboard lit up with every indicator light illuminated on the instrument cluster. Once again, had to be towed.

I called Chrysler and in review of their internal records history and the overwhelming amount of issues surrounding this vehicle, they have automatically Placed it on the "Enhanced Customer Service Program (ECSP)". Has anybody ever heard of this Program? Apparently, it was assigned an official case number, assigned a Chrysler technician to monitor the vehicle at the service center, supplied me with a car rental and are and also paying my next months car payment! The check is already in the mail to me. Upon calling the local Jeep service center yesterday, they informed me that during their diagnostics check the car produced 17 failure codes! Yes, 17! They cleared the codes, which I obviously responded that's a bandaid and they need to find the heart of the problem. They said they are working with Chrysler to resolve it.

Upon learning this, I called Chrysler and told them I am no longer interested in accepting the vehicle and prefer they buy it back instead as I now believe it qualifies. Due to my request, ECSP transferred my case from them to "Impartial Services Group (ISG)" just today. I have no idea if I made a good/bad decision having it transferred to ISG, but from what I read, they are a third party company hired by Chrysler to resolve this issue. Can anybody shed some light if it's possible ISG may or may not buy the vehicle back or replace it? Has anybody ever heard of these Chrysler programs? Seems pretty high up the chain that perhaps I have a shot, but having never gone through this before I am rather clueless. Any feedback would be appreciated and any questions you have I am happy to answer.

I intend to show them that I am a loyal Jeep owner, having owned five previous Grand Cherokees, proving this vehicle is deemed unsafe and unfit to drive and that I have no interest in accepting back a vehicle that's been taken apart, shredded or whatever. I don't know the lemon laws in Virginia but hoping I don't need to go that route. I hear lemon law buy backs are not as good as chrysler just agreeing to buy back the vehicle. Thoughts on this matter are appreciated, especially, from those who may had similar experiences. What are the pros and cons of Chrysler buying back the vehicle if they agree to?


ragoodsp 07-03-2013 02:51 PM

Re: 2014 JGC Overland malfunction at 2800 miles.
The way I understand it that all major auto company's use a third party for by backs to get the liability factor of their backs I am sure. I had one Jeep purchased back in 2002 and it was completely painless and made feel very good about the brand. It was MSRP against MSRP...more I would write Jeep a check, less they wrote me a check, of course the model I found was more money but that was fine. I would not go the lemon law route unitil you absolutely had to. have and issue with my 2014 now and will have some engineers from Detroit here on Monday to look at. I do not think my situation is as bad as yours but I have all ready mentioned to them that I will look for a buy back if resolution is not reached soon. I did mail Sergio M. a nice letter as well that did get some quick attention and a case number assigned. best of luck!

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