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R0CK632 07-11-2013 12:56 AM

Recommend me some good Add-ON's for '07 5.7
Long Story short my wife hydrolocked my 2007 grand Cherokee limited 5.7 and now I just got a new rebuilt engine put it. That being said, I am probably going to keep it a while now so I might as well have some fun. Only thing I've done since owning it was a Magnaflow Exhaust. Looking at the Airaid Jr, only because I'm scared s**tless of having an open cold air intake after Hydrolocking the stock one.

I'm not mechanic savvy at all so I'm also looking to replace the throttle body.. what size do i get? what's a good brand and where's a good site to get one?

Also looking to get the Diablo Intune as well.

Are there any other things I can do to boost up the HP that aren't extremely labor intensive?

THanks for the advice.

dmsfun 07-12-2013 08:45 AM

Re: Recommend me some good Add-ON's for '07 5.7
Catch can, 85mmTB, Intune and voltage stabilizer / grounding kit are all effective upgrades, very easy to install, and no special skills or tools are needed.
So, first thing to get is a Catch can for a Hemi. Not only keeps the intake and TB clean, it will run better too. Without one, the unburnt hydrocarbons are fed back into the combustion chamber, effectively lowering the octane number and the ECU will retard timing under load to avoid pre detonation.
The Modern Muscle taper ported 85mm TB is a worthwhile upgrade, 4 bolts to install, about a 20 minute job. Removing / installing the intake takes longer than putting the TB on.
When you get an Intune, get a CMR custom tune as the Diablo canned tunes don't do much. Sean at Hemifever will sell you the Intune and the CMR tuning, so you datalog, send him parameters and he will update with every mod at no added cost for as long as you own it.
The stock intake works great; I removed my CAI after testing it with the stock and the 85mm TB, and with the stock airbox torque and drivability is much better with both TB's.
I also had a Magnaflow and couldn't stand the noise, so put the stock exhaust back on. Low end torque is better, so the throttle responds instantly witbhout having to rev the motor. It is also MUCH quieter, no droning and I like it being fast and stealthy, i.e. can get on the throttle and it really goes, without drawing attention.
MPG improves with all these, that is, if you keep your foot out of it.... it is so much more responsive that my go pedal is applied more frequently, so city mpg is about 12, but with a big smile :) Hope that helps, and good luck !

hemi_shox 07-12-2013 02:55 PM

Re: Recommend me some good Add-ON's for '07 5.7
I have an inTune on my 05 Hemi and I absolutely love it. That is the only real performance mod I have to date. The shift points and horse gains are well improved over stock. I have larger tires and it allows me to adjust for them. I'm pedal heavy and I still get 20+ mpg calculated with an 87 tune and 89 octane fuel. The stock intake works well. Check out some of the posts about using a SRT8 tube instead of the bulky box. Guys say they love them. My next step is going for an 85mm throttle body. This size doesn't require a tune and your computer doesn't relearn it. The guys at Modern Muscle have a great product. BBK sells one as well.

R0CK632 07-12-2013 05:13 PM

Re: Recommend me some good Add-ON's for '07 5.7
Thanks for the replys guys... really appreciate it. Still trying to learn all that I can.

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