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JeffC 07-13-2013 04:03 PM

Best Aftermarket Backup Camera - Recommendations Please
Hi Folks,

I recently purchased a 2014 GC Laredo E. I got the lower end model with the Uconnect RA2 model and no backup camera. After driving it a few months I feel like I really need a backup camera due to the height of the back window. Researching other threads here it looks like adding the stock parkview system is not possible with my set-up.

So - Does anyone use any aftermarket backup cameras and have advise? On Amazon there are many options, screen-sizes, wireless vs. wired, view angles, etc. I'm comfortable enough with the installation, but would prefer wireless if it worked well.

I appreciate any feedback - Best, Jeff

zeprider25 07-13-2013 06:50 PM

i have the cheap $15 one on amazon connected to my wk and my wifes patriot. all in all if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. we hardly ever use them.

with that said. i see no difference in my camera and my friends $200 camera. same angle. his is maybe a little clearer but not by much.

1stJeepGC 07-15-2013 06:17 AM

Re: Best Aftermarket Backup Camera - Recommendations Please

I am not sure on the 2014 RA2 if you can adapt the OEM backup camera into the existing uConnect radio as of now.. Lockpick devices should be out shortly, were you can integrate a backup camera via the plug and play system of the the Lockpick. For Lockpick devices you have CHR550 and NAV-TV as examples.

Navigation Lockpicks and Prius Accessories

Also, you can always add a backup mirror with the camera option or a PND GPS that has a connection for a backup mirror. For example:

Accele RVM430NBTG Replacement mirror with 4.3" rear-view inset and Bluetooth® capability at

Magellan RoadMate 5255T-LM Portable navigator with landmark guidance, free traffic info, and lifetime map updates at

Best for now.:)

kjf18 07-15-2013 02:11 PM

I put a backup camera on my pickup truck. I first tried a couple of wireless cameras, but never got decent reception. I finally put in a hard-wired camera, and it works great. I now can back up to my boat with no assistance; did wonders for my marriage.

I pieced the system together - a license plate frame camera, a small LCD screen and a cable - from Amazon much more cheaply than I could buy a complete kit.


JeffC 07-15-2013 02:50 PM

Re: Best Aftermarket Backup Camera - Recommendations Please
Thanks everyone for the great info. I may try the piece-together options mentioned. In the end, much of these components are pretty cheap.

jeeeplimited 07-18-2013 03:00 PM

Re: Best Aftermarket Backup Camera - Recommendations Please

1973Commando 07-22-2013 09:53 PM

Re: Best Aftermarket Backup Camera - Recommendations Please
Some advice on positioning of a backup camera. All of the OEM versions pretty much let you see the whole bumper edge along the bottom of the Video Frame. This is an important reference. If you see an object you need to see the ground between your bumper and the object to know how far you are from the object. That is, if the bumper isn't in the frame you can't judge distance. Also, you want to be sure to see the ground as close to the bumper as possible, having the edge of the bumper in the frame accomplishes this.

When you have a trailer hitch it should be centered and clearly visible when the ball mount is in the receiver of course.

I had one place insist on cutting though metal to mount a camera, this was a big mistake for many reasons.

They did not understand the usefulness of a camera and how to install one. The camera they put in was incredibly expensive and useless. I couldn't even see the trailer hitch. It did have a beautiful picture though it was pretty much useless when it came to backing up the car.

I immediately had them put a new camera on the car which I purchased somewhere else.

Once you have a backup camera it is hard to live without.

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