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oidale 07-15-2013 04:47 PM

2007 wk clunk when slowing down...?
Hello, im a newbie...i bought my 2007 grand cherokee 4x4 3.7 about 4 months ago. About three weeks ago i started to feel a slight braking when i depress the accelerator pedal along with a / what feels like a clunk and a down shift...this happens once in a while after being in overdrive for a short time. Also when backing out of a parking spot and turning the wheel then put into drive, i will go to accelerate but there will be a slight slippage then it grabs and goes forward. Only happens when the wheels are turned.

Not sure if the two are related. The jeep drives great and shifts perfect. I have been trying to see if its possible to do a tranny fluid and filter change at home since there isnt any dip stick just an opened tube...

Thanks in advance.

oidale 08-12-2013 05:54 PM

Re: 2007 wk clunk when slowing down...?

arwood56 12-18-2013 10:58 AM

Re: 2007 wk clunk when slowing down...?
Most likely the Isolation Bushings on the front differential are split. The trans is down shifting and rotating the diff as it does it. I just did mine, now the R to D and downshift "clunk" is gone.

oidale 12-18-2013 09:44 PM

Re: 2007 wk clunk when slowing down...?
How do you go about fixing it? What parts would I have to order? Is it pretty straight forward, driveway fix or what would I need to get it resolved? Thanks for the response. Hope to hear from you and how you went about getting yours rectified...

arwood56 12-19-2013 06:53 AM

Re: 2007 wk clunk when slowing down...?
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I don't know about the slippage but the "clunk" going from R to D and down shift is the bushings, very common.

I purchased all the parts from the dealer, they are online but shipping made the cost a wash. You will need two bushings and one mount bracket. I changed all of mine. The job is difficult but straight forward. I did it in my garage, it took me about 8 hours by myself. I only raised the driver side with a jack, and of course use jack stands for safety before ever getting under a raised vehicle. Take off the skid plate, if you have one, remove the front drive shaft, mark it before removal so it goes in the way it came out. Support the differential with a small jack remove the 2 bolts on the bushings first and lastly the mounting bracket. The top bolt is very difficult to get to, so be ready to come up with some ways to get to it. I used a 3/8 drive and deep well socket with universal. Lower the diff so that it is supported by the cv drive shafts against the lower control arms, now remove the sensor plug on top of the diff to avoid damage. Use an air chisel to remove the side and top bushings, use a ball joint tool to press in the new ones. It was difficult without a lift due to fatigue to my arms, I had to take lots of breaks. Just be patient and it will come together.:thumbsup:

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