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StaticFX 07-16-2013 03:29 PM

Clicking (not the same as that other clicking thread)
2014 JGC Limited
I am curious if this is just me hearing this... and i think its normal since my 2011 GC Laredo did it too...

listen carefully toward the left front INSIDE while driving at low speed... press the gas, then let off a little... then again.. just lightly dont gun it. But i can distinctly hear a tick tick tick quietly, then one slightly louder tick.. then quiet until a do it again. I know, strange... but i can make it happen almost every time i try. Its like something is moving (i would say it was a air flow door inside the dash but it isnt since i can make it happen with the accelerator)

No big deal - just curious if any one else had heard this?

and like a said.. my 2011 did it as well.

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