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ashenmorality 07-17-2013 12:18 PM

Alpine Speaker System
Hi All,

I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile/audio tech person, so I am going to ask your opinion on something that recently happened.

I took my car in for numerous issues for service. When I got it back (nothing resolved), I found my stereo channels were different and the audio equalizer settings were maxed out. Now when I listen to music, I usually only have the bass up 1 or 2, the mid up a little higher and the treble up a little more. I do this because the bass hits so hard on the music I listen to that I don't want to damage the speakers with it up any higher.

My question: with the stupid technician having it all the way up and probably blasting the stereo volume up, in whatever time he was using it, could that damage the speakers/reduce their quality? I already complained but the service manager hasn't called me back, and when I call him, I am thinking of requesting they replace the speakers (if need be).

(they also put their dirty hands all over my leather: literal grease spots and scratched the blue plastic on the inside driver door trim: long 3 inch scratch: but that is another issue).

SNUKE 07-17-2013 06:46 PM

Re: Alpine Speaker System
If they had really caused damages to a cone or tweeter, you would here it very clearly.
Having the bass all the way up, even on bass heavy tracks is not going to damage the speakers unless you have the volume up to the max for a decent period of time.
You would not be doing this while still in the car.
Adjust the levels to what sounds best to you, not out of fear of damaging the speakers. The system runs a subwoofer, so all LFE should be directed to it, taking that workload of the other speakers

Be far more concerned about the scratch.

ashenmorality 07-17-2013 07:18 PM

Re: Alpine Speaker System
Thanks for your reply. My concern was that they weren't in the vehicle and that they did have the volume maxed out while "inspecting" the outside/under carriage. I don't know what I should be listening for if they did do damage? I haven't really tested any music since they did (at least loud enough to where I could hear rattling?).

So you are saying that I should turn up the bass on the audio equalizer in order to have the sub take more work?

I can't tell if your statement about the scratch is sarcastic?

Thanks though!

SNUKE 07-17-2013 07:36 PM

Re: Alpine Speaker System
Not sarcastic, scratch is real damage caused, the audio is an unknown.
Except for the changes they made, I would also be asking for an explanation.

Adjust all of the settings to where you like them.
Increasing the bass levels won’t have the sub take more work; it should always be working on the same frequencies regardless.
I am saying don’t be paranoid, sit it in, listen to some tracks that represent what you listen to frequently and adjust the settings until you are happy.
Don’t restrict the levels you used based on fear.
The only thing you shouldn’t do in general is not take the volume above 75%, but that is really hard to evaluate and just a broad sweeping safety statement.
On a correctly created system you should be able to go to 100% with no fear, but for a general product, 75% gives a safety zone.
And unless you want to go deaf, you’re not likely to get it that loud anyway, unless like you said you are outside the vehicle listening.

Someone with some real current audio knowledge rather than my fading knowledge may chime in.

Domo10 07-17-2013 08:32 PM

Re: Alpine Speaker System
With my current ride, I use my own mechanic as I have done so for years, but for a warranty issue (front end), I had to take it back to the dealer. After $150.00 for tyre swapping and realignment (not warranty), I got the car back and told car was 100%. Well, simply it drove like a "pig", and there were dirty boot marks on the mats in the front and rear. My car is kept immaculate. I immediately called the service manager and advised of this. They said bring it back in to have a look at it. I said "no way" as this is your 100%? I told them I would take it to my own tyre specialist the following day. My tyre guy found the alignment was off the dial, and managed to realign perfectly. The day after, I presented the report to the service manager for comment. They offered a free service next time, and I said, that's not an option as they don't service my car (and told them why!), so they ended up refunding the $150.00!!

Don't hesitate to lodge your complaint to the service manager and demand restitution! Good Luck.

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