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CAJeep 07-17-2013 12:30 PM

Hissing noise - power steering or alternator??
I have a '02 GC Overland (149K miles), had a leak int he high pressure hose for the power steering pump, so I took it in to Firestone to have it replaced. They said the power steering pump was also leaking and needed to be replaced, so I agreed and had that done as well. Manager said my alternator looked like the original and probably time to replace it and he would give me a great deal if I wanted to replace that as well, so I figured what the hell and said yes.

Work is done, everything works great, except there is now this slight "hissing" noise that you can only hear inside the passenger compartment but you can't hear it in the engine compartment when you lift the hood. It's only a slight noise, but it is enough to be annoying, especially when trying to talk w/ someone inside the car.

Here's the kicker: it only makes the noise when there is NO load on the steering system -- so when the steering wheel is not being touched/turned. As soon as you turn the wheel at all, the sound stops, and as soon as you stop turning it and there's again no load on the system, the hissing returns. All the time, every time.

Have been back to the shop 3x and they keep saying "everything works fine, it's just a 'cosmetic' problem since the system works..." which is true, I guess, but it's NOT supposed to hiss and has never hissed in the 10years I've been driving the Jeep.

I'm thinking maybe it's something in the bearings (of the power steering pump, or maybe the new alternator), or something w/ the hydraulics associated to the power steering system..maybe they didn't use the right type of fluid or didn't bleed the system properly, or...?? I really have no idea.

Anyone out there ever experienced this problem before, or have an idea what may be causing this annoying hissing sound...?

Much thanks in advance for any help.

Frango100 07-17-2013 06:21 PM

Re: Hissing noise - power steering or alternator??
Did you check if the hose is not touching an other part? Did they use an original hose?

Ypahihi 07-23-2013 06:32 AM

Re: Hissing noise - power steering or alternator??
Recently had power steering hoses replaced and modified so that hoses can be replaced without having to remove grill and bull bar.
High pressure hose connection was touching other parts and was noisy as hell and fixed with original rubbers to gap the hoses.
No hissing sound that you are experiencing.
With the alternator and power steering pump changed the only piece not changed out is the belt tensioner and aircon.
It is the only thing I can think of.

2005JGC 07-23-2013 02:44 PM

Re: Hissing noise - power steering or alternator??

Originally Posted by CAJeep (Post 859897)
Manager said my alternator looked like the original and probably time to replace it and he would give me a great deal if I wanted to replace that as well, so I figured what the hell and said yes.

There is your problem right there... any IDIOT that would suggest replacing a OEM part that is working just fine that does not have to come off for the other repairs is just gouging you. PERIOD.

I don't know how many crappy aftermarket alternators I have replaced that are less than 1 year old but have yet to warranty an OEM alternator. Personally there would be no more comfort in knowing I have a new part on if its a crappy aftermarket part than mine with 200k miles on it.

The ONLY time I would suggest something like that is if the alternator is a 5 hour job and must be removed for a different repair, then I would suggest replacing it. At that time its under warranty and at least if I do it at the shop I get paid by the reman company to do it again if need be. But NONE of that applies to the 4.7l alternator. Its on top all by its lonesome not bothering anyone.

Enough battering your decision, just keep that in mind next time and for now, find another shop!

Your hissing noise sounds like it could be a power steering pump which I also hate to bring this up but it was probably not even leaking, I have seen numerous high pressure lines leak down the pump and cause it to look like its leaking. I say it may be the power steering pump only because of what was replaced and your symptom of only doing it unloaded and not doing it before. That said look at your repair order and see what fluid they used, I can almost bet my life on the fact these thieves did NOT put the proper fluid in the system. The only 2 I have seen aftermarket that meet Chrysler's requirements were an amsoil product and synthetic Valvoline p/s fluid (thanks to a very recent thread on here). other than those they did not use the right fluid. Personally with the fan being in the neighborhood of 1000 dollars, I would want the suggested fluid in the system, but that is just me. By the sounds of this Firestone they would happily sell you a new radiator fan though!

Good luck!

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