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GNHJEEP 07-19-2013 06:55 PM

I've got issues........ 07 CRD GC
So 16 months into ownership, have done 48,000kms, just about to tick over 100,000kms.
From time to time when i started up i would get a message "SERVICE PARK ASSIST SYSTEM" on the display, i then noticed it would happen while driving.
Then i noticed that the gear selector lights in the bottom of the speedo are all illuminated and it gets stuck in whatever gear you were in at the time. everytime this happens "SERVICE PARK ASSIST" comes up.
So i worked out that if i shifted the autostick a couple times it would just go back to normal, sometimes for a week, sometimes for 5 minutes.

So the latest is that when accelerating hard in any gear, usually 1st,2nd,3rd it will get near redline and just stay there, "SERVICE PARK ASSIST" comes up and you are stuck in whatever gear you were in.
Also about 800-1000rpm before redline it now "surges", almost like it has another gear, it feels like the torque converter is locking up.

the last 3 times it has done all of these things at the same time! and the battery light comes on!

Time to sell? its giving me the sh1ts!

2005JGC 07-22-2013 12:57 AM

Re: I've got issues........ 07 CRD GC
We need codes to know for sure, but with the NAG common failures are the "shift bezel" which is the shift assembly in the vehicle. Leaks from the NAG connector causes low fluid level and causes problems, and the service park assist may be coming up due to faulty information form the shift bezel. Could also be a bad park assist sensor.

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