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jorn 07-20-2013 10:13 PM

Hi guys,

I've been reading this forums for a long time now ( i did order the Overland MY13 diesel but consequently cancelled due to the issues and the My14 models)

fast forward 12 months later, its time to start the process again but this time around i have a wedding to pay for next month followed by a 4 week honeymoon in the US.

I wasnt planning on selling my car ( had trouble selling it 12 months ago) so thought i would test the waters and as you expect i sold it the next day.

I would like some help deciding which car to choose i have been going back and forth the last few days and no where closer to where i started.

The purpose of the car, would be a weekend driver for most parts. It does have towing duties ( 2T boat), eventually would turn into a family car.

Now i had always had my eyes on a Diesel Limited, and there is a limited, sunroof offroad pack etc that i could pick up tomorrow if i wanted it. but that is extending the budget close to overland (quad lift and sunroof are nice to have but not neccessary) ~$70K+

i started thinking of looking at 2nd hand ones to lower the budget and found a 70th Anniversay 2011 with only 12k kms on it, but its petrol. My partner really loves the car, around $50k..but when i add on stamp duty there isnt much gap between that and a new MY13 Petrol. plus you get all the cool new stuff - 8speed, daytime driving lights.

Theres a few more diesels on the market with more than 40K+ on it, all of which are asking more than $50k.

as most of my driving is city driving i am starting to think that the petrol version might suffice...but then i read all the guys towing at under 13L/100km now thats a patherfinder ranged from 20-30L/100km. that was Diesel as well...

but given that taking the boat down to the ramp is once every fortnight and the occassional up north trip....daily driving or normal driving takes precedent.

i hope it all make sense, these one of many thought processes running through my mind

carbontax 07-20-2013 11:05 PM

Re: Dilemma
I went through a similar dilemma and picked up a brand new 2013 Laredo CRD with 27km on the clock for 10k below the RRP. If I went for MY14 CRD it would have been another 12k plus 4 months wait. The biggest deciding factor for me was the 8 speed transmission. I drove CRD with 8 speed and 5 speed back to back and found 8 speed to be better but the difference was not significant enough for me to pay extra 12k for it. Very happy with the outcome given I got brand new car with big chunk of new car depreciation already gone.

allypally 07-20-2013 11:25 PM

Re: Dilemma
It would appear you want a diesel MY14 Grand Cherokee. Now you need to determine which of the 3 models you want.
Laredo, Limited, or Overland.
Something you might need to look closely at is the Quadralift, especially since you will be towing a 2T boat. That will keep the car level while under load, and also give you a little flexibility when connecting and disconnecting the boat.
I suggest you visit a dealer and take a good look at all the models, to see which one best suits your needs.

jorn 07-21-2013 05:20 AM

Re: Dilemma
thanks for your comments ally and carbon tax.

it is true if money wasnt a problem right now i would get the limited with all the fruits.
however, given the wedding is around the corner plus a 4 week honey moon in US money is quite tight - i should have waited i know.

i think my line of thinking is can i get away with the Petrol V6, if so do you think 50k + stamp duty is a good price for a 2011 70th anniversary kit.

or given the above circumstances, i should just bite the bullet and get the diesel limited with or without the other additions.

Ahh - that makes alot more sense.

Mendo 07-21-2013 06:18 AM

Re: Dilemma
Do you need leather seats? IMHO, the only two options of decent value are Laredo and Overland. The step up to the limited in dollar terms for the improvement in features is pretty poor value. The overland is worth the stretch if you're in limited territory. I was in that place and decided it was too far of a stretch so went the Laredo and am very happy.

exlr8 10-02-2013 09:26 AM

To me going for the CRD over the petrol V6 was a no brainier, and I do very little towing. The torque of the CRD is needed to get nearly 3t of GVM moving in my opinion.

As for going with the Overland, one of my favourite features (regularly used) is the Adaptive Cruise Control, the rear DVD gets a workout too keeping the kids quiet. Other than that, I could live with a Laredo.

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