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jeepmanjim 07-22-2013 06:22 PM

06 4.7 Limited clunk/bang felt on gas pedal
As a member of our awesome jeep website, I often read and search our threads to problems. I cannot find anything like this.

My WK is not lifted, but has new shocks/struts. After they were replaced (and really before as well) when driving over mild road bumps I can feel a banging/clunk through the gas pedal. I can also hear it too.

I think it's one of these, but how could that translate through the accelerator pedal?

1. Bad front differential bushings?
2. Something loose/not tightened properly with the front shocks/suspension
3. Front sway bar bushings worn out/end links
4. Bad engine mount

Any help would be appreciated as I also have to work on the PTU my wife's Ford Edge.

WK2007 07-23-2013 09:41 AM

Re: 06 4.7 Limited clunk/bang felt on gas pedal
I was wondering if you could describe the problem in more detail? Does the vehicle clunk when you are shifting gears? Where does the clunking come from? Front or rear? When you decelerate, or accelerate? What about when you move the gearshifter from P to D or R?

I had a loud clunk when I shifted from P to D or R, and I also had a problem with a clunk when coasting and reapplying the gas. First problem turned out to be some trans mounts, totaling $600 in repairs. The latter problem was solved after upgrading my software to the newest version (Jeep dealerships will charge you somewhere between $75-150 to get the latest updates).

If you have time, post some more details and someone on this forum is bound to lend a helping hand.


remmy 07-24-2013 01:51 PM

Re: 06 4.7 Limited clunk/bang felt on gas pedal

Mine was the same with the transfer case. The 3 rubber bushings rotted out. Mechanic mentioned it wasnt a dire emergency to get them replaced immediatly but sooner the better. He also mentioned its a terrible design. LOL. Cost $700.

OP, When is the last time you checked/changed out the rear diff/transfer/front diff fluids? The rear diff would be a start to check. Very easy job to do, easier than an oil change and can be done in the driveway.

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