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jeepman917 07-23-2013 09:25 PM

Jeep survey
I received a Jeep survey via email last week - it said 'help us build your next car' - it was a very in tune survey on the 2014 Jeep - meaning - it talked about most of the issues we experience here - it also had preset replies about the transmission shifting - u connect issues - AC - etc etc etc. I answered it truthfully and received a call from Jeep today - with a case #. He left a VM message - I will call back tomorrow and have some fun. :) And no I haven't taken my Jeep to the dealer yet for repair - seems like u connect updates are smoothing things out - as well as some weird over the air phantom placebo? updates... Things don't work - then magically work eventually - and pretty stable too. Interesting vehicle. Maybe wills has some insight as to the over the air updates - and - if they really do exist nd whats up Jeeps sleeve with them (what can they fix and what they cannot) - I SWEAR my AC is now working VERY WELL - with the weather still in the high 90's whereas 2 weeks ago it was barely passable. I could go on.

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