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akasjl 07-24-2013 08:10 PM

TSB#23-013-13, sunroof track replacement
Folks, good evening. I need some input. I have a 2012 Overland. I brought it in three weeks ago for this horrible rattle and it is determined the sunroof track has to be replaced; covered by the TSB. The part is on back order, comes in and I leave the Jeep at the dealer this past Monday; appointment is for 7am. They don't get to it until late in the afternoon. Tuesday I am told the car should be ready Wednesday afternoon. (After reading some threads here, I understand that this a 3 1/2 job from most accounts.) I get told at different check in intervals, it's involved and time consuming, and the service advisor apologies for stating it was a 3 1/2 hour job. I am not pleased it takes more than a day but the Jeep is ready by 4pm. I pick up the car and notice the sunshade - I have a panoramic roof - is different.

I head back in and the service advisor informs me she emailed me the invoice where it is noted they had to replace my sun shade; broken spring tensionor lock. (When I brought it in 3 weeks ago, there is no mention of the shade being broken. But I imagine since they didn't have the track, they hadn't removed anything so they did not know.) I hadn't yet read the email, but I should have been advised along the way when getting phone updates. Anyhow, the replacement is this flimsy, drooping fabric which is nothing like the sturdy shade I had when I bought the Jeep.

After politely reminding her I should have been advised, I tell her an exact replacement should have been ordered. She informs she will check with parts to make sure the correct part was ordered, but that if this is the shade that Chrysler is supplying, there is nothing she can do; I have to take it up with them. She kept trying to tie the shade with the track replacement. I would imagine one has nothing to do with the other but that is why I am reaching out to you good folks. In any event, it would seem to me that I should get the exact same shade.

Finally, my Jeep is just a year old. I typically kept the sun shade retracted It's hard for me to imagine the sun shade spring tensionor lock was broken, but anything is possible. Part of me believes the reason they had it so long was that they broke the sun shade and ordered a replacement. It seems to me I should get an exact replacement. Am I wrong? Thanks in advance.

nonopr01 07-24-2013 09:02 PM

Re: TSB#23-013-13, sunroof track replacement
Welcome to the Jeep World.....

bill_de 07-24-2013 09:13 PM

Re: TSB#23-013-13, sunroof track replacement
If a particular part is superseded, it is kind of hard to give you what no longer exists.

If you got the Jeep back and it still had a rattle because of the broken spring, you wouldn't be happy either.

It's just possible that the tech did a good job by discovering the additional problem. And, if they did call you, would you have said they should leave the defective part in place unless the fabric is identical? I don't think so.

Hopefully the rattle is gone. ;)


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