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Shift.91 07-24-2013 09:18 PM

2000 Wj random electrical issue
2000 with a 4.7. Installed my intake with no issues, no pinched wires or anything. Left it for a bit and then went to drive away and my abs light and brake light were on. My wipers started going veeeeerrrryyyyyy slowly, I had one low beam light on and both my high beams and every once in a while the no key light would come on and jeep would shut off. WHAT THE HE**!!! Anybody?

Frango100 07-24-2013 11:01 PM

Re: 2000 Wj random electrical issue
Wipers and high/low beam switching goes via the BCM (body control module). The key light is part of the SKIS (sentry key immobilizer system) and it comes on when there is no valid key. With the key light on, the engine will start, but shut down after a few seconds. I would have a look at the Junction Block under the steering wheel. It is the interior fuse panel, but has also the BCM bolted to it. Check for any loose wire/connector.
This is the first time that strange electrical behaviour occured? Is it still doing it, or was it just once?
The wipers and headlights where coming on by itself?

Shift.91 07-25-2013 12:10 AM

It was continuously happening. But I found the culprit. I had loosed the ground bolt to mount the cold air intake shield and had forgotten to do it back up! Haha. Silly me!! On a side note: has anyone had issues making the shield fit? I bought an AFE cold air stage 2 and it takes place of the entire air box. So the shield that gets mounted in its place doesn't seem to fit. It's like it's too big. The metal hoses right along the fender seem to be in the way as well as the EVAP hoses that run along the fender are in the way.

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