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jeepv8 07-28-2013 02:36 AM

Front diff/ WJ 2002
Hi guys , need some help to work out a whining sound which starts around 35mph through to 60mph, underload or heavy on the gas sounds worse back off to coast all is quiet, :slapfight: 40,000 miles new wheel bearings {hubs} oil level fine and jeeps traveled 125,000mile. Any ideas would be great on where to start,

Frango100 07-28-2013 05:32 AM

Re: Front diff/ WJ 2002
Could be a bearing inside the diff housing. Did you check the fluid for metal glinsters,which could point towards a bearing problem. Could be pinion and ring, but could eventually be. a bad CV joint. Did you check the CV joint boots?

jeepv8 07-28-2013 09:27 PM

Re: Front diff/ WJ 2002
Hi Frank thanks for your help again, i had the new cv s fitted about 31,000 miles ago, do you know what amount of oil is needed ? , regards peter

Frango100 07-28-2013 09:57 PM

Re: Front diff/ WJ 2002
Hi Peter, the front diff (Dana 30) takes 1.18 L (2.5 pts) of 75W-140. (according the manual) On my diffs however its written to use 80W-90.
If your jeep is Quadra drive, it would require also 2.5 oz of friction modifier and the 75W-140.
If you do the rear diff at the same time, it requires 1.66 L (3.5 pts) for the Dana 35 or 2.24 L (4.75 pts) for the Dana 44.

jeepv8 07-28-2013 10:23 PM

Re: Front diff/ WJ 2002
Hi Frank the oil i used was 80/140 penrite which going by oil charts it was compatable so thay say, is there any other checks i could do to pin point the other ussues it maybe , regards peter ps the modifier is a additive that goes in with a oil change which i havnt done yet.

Frango100 07-29-2013 12:15 AM

Re: Front diff/ WJ 2002
If you are going to open the diff, have a look at the fluid first. Check with a bright flashlight if there is any fine metal shavings in the fluid and/or at the bottom of the diff housing. Then look at the pinion and ring gear for damage and wear.
But most of the time a whining noise is coming from a bearing.

jeepv8 07-30-2013 06:44 AM

Re: Front diff/ WJ 2002
Cheers Frank, maybe be pinion bearing ? or do you think there is another culprit , with any luck it wont be to nasty, regards peter

Frango100 07-30-2013 12:06 PM

Re: Front diff/ WJ 2002
A pinion bearing in general gives a high pitched whine and a differential bearing a low pitched whine. But when there is any metal in the fluid, all bearings should be changed, because the metal most probably has caused minor damage to the other bearings and will cause them to wear more rapidly and then you have to open it up again.

jeepv8 08-07-2013 09:49 AM

Re: Front diff/ WJ 2002
Cheers for the help Frank, yes mine is low pitch whine so doesnt sound good , then to top it off broke a rear exh manifold bolt off on my passenger side your drivers side , do you know if i can buy them in a kit from the states ? i have been looking but unable to find the right size , regards pete

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