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zjine 07-29-2013 07:22 AM

buying a new Wrangler Unlimited need advice
I will be doing trails, towing a small boat, going on long road trips, and this will be my daily driver. I obviously want the rubicon because it has everything I want from the start but I am concerned about it's ability to tow and how it feels on the freeway. I know the stats on towing capacity but I wanted to hear from people with experience using it to tow. Also, will I put any unnecessary wear on any of the Rubicon components by driving it everyday?

Thank you in advance.

Sh0rtBus 07-29-2013 10:48 AM

Re: buying a new Wrangler Unlimited need advice
I can't answer regarding the towing part of your question, as I never intended to tow anything with my JKUR. As for the daily driving part, though, you won't put any unnecessary wear on any of the components from driving it every day. The major differences are of course the lockers, sway bar disconnect motor, and 4:1 transfer case. Provided your daily driving is 2WD, you're not really using any of those components, so the only time you'd be really putting any wear on them at all is when wheeling. Obviously, towing anything will put additional wear on the regular components, but nothing on the ones listed above. Unless of course you're towing a trailer in 4-Lo with both lockers engaged.

I drove my '11 JKUR as a daily for 42k miles, with about 24k of that being with a 2.5" lift and 37" tires. Most of that was on the stock 4.10 gears, too, and with the 3.8L minivan motor. Wasn't ideal, but it was doable. I've had my gears for about 2k miles now and it's pretty much a driveway toy now, although I am driving it for the next couple of days while my '14 GC is at the dealership for A/C issues. Again, not ideal as a daily at this point, but with 5.13 gears, it's not terrible. Just getting about 13 mpg since I have a lead foot and can't keep it under about 70mph.

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