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DeKraker 07-31-2013 11:14 AM

2005 WK Lift/theories/help
Well, I'm finally back from Aghan and getting ready to lift my WK that I purchased just before I left. Since I have no experience with WKs, I do have some questions/ideas.

I want to lift 2"-3" So I was originally thinking an OME with HD springs and a .25" strut plate to keep the front up after the springs settle a bit and armor is added. Then I got to reading around and decided to go with a better strut for the front and shock for the rear. Then I thought, why not replace the rear spring as well and just order a set of OME HD Springs for the front... So here is my layout, please feel free to add suggestions/ideas. Thanks all.

Front: Should settle out to be about 2.5"(Correct me if I'm wrong)
Bilstein Strut-(Still looking for part number)
OME HD Spring-2991
.25" Strut plate

Rear: Should be just over 2.5"
Bilstein or FOX(I found 2" FOX remote res, but would like to find 3")
JBA Custom 2.5" springs

Add in some 1.5" SpyderTrax wheel spacers, and will run 265/70R17's unless anyone thinks I can squeeze 265/75s lol

816jared 07-31-2013 07:14 PM

Re: 2005 WK Lift/theories/help
I'm in a very similar boat as you, might check out a few of the threads I've been posting in.

I have yet to lift a WK, so I'm just going off the reading I've been doing recently. It seems that the majority of the Jeep community would argue that in that application the OME shocks/struts are a much higher quality than the Bilstein's you are considering. If you REALLY want to use something other than the OME shock/struts it seems that MLL's are the next most popular choice.

BoraBora 08-22-2013 03:58 AM

Re: 2005 WK Lift/theories/help
Here's what I'm doing...

OME HD spring
Bilstein 5100

OME HD spring
Bilstein 5100
1.5" poly spacer

With 285/70R17 Dynapro MT's, 1.75" Spidertrax and JK Moabs.

This should give me 4" in the rear and 3.5" up front. The Bilstein 5100 strut adds 3/4" of lift even fully collapsed. This is what I think you will be happier with...more basic. Why not use the OME HD springs all around? Anyways I have all my parts just awaiting install, I'll post my impressions of the lift.

Also adding to what Jared said above, the Bilsteins provide a very comfortable ride, and are no lesser quality than the OME.

DeKraker 10-22-2013 11:42 AM

Re: 2005 WK Lift/theories/help
Well everyone I apologize for not following up on this. I ended up going with the OME lift with HD springs and a .25" strut plate on the front. Also, some 1.5" spacers to gived the tires some clearance and widen it out.

Now I'm thinking of going up to 4"..... I've looked at JBA and Superlift, but was wondering if maybe I could frankenstein a lift. Maybe add 2" Daystar on top of the OME? Just kind of looking at options, nothing is set in stone yet.

Chris_IAH 10-23-2013 01:06 PM

Re: 2005 WK Lift/theories/help
Welcome Home and Thank you for your service !!!!

DeKraker 10-23-2013 01:12 PM

Thank you!

mosier 10-26-2013 06:17 PM

Re: 2005 WK Lift/theories/help
Welcome back:) I just returned from my second go'round in the middle east this summer:D Check my thread out here:

If nothing else, it will give you an idea just how much lift is achievable with the right parts without doing a Superlift. I will tell you straight up that you can go a little over 5 inches if you wish, but your down travel is nearly gone at that point. I have pictures of this in that thread.

DeKraker 10-26-2013 06:29 PM

Just read your thread last night actually. Looks like you put in some good research.

What unit are you with? I'm with 3ID at Fort Stewart.

DeKraker 10-27-2013 01:42 PM

Re: 2005 WK Lift/theories/help
Mosier, would you suggest adding in the Monroe 58646's and taking out my OME rears? I've been reading around and it seems I should have done some better research as far as my rear lift goes. I will be adding two rear coil isolators to even out the driver's side lean in the back. Since I'm pulling it apart I figured the Monroes might be a good addition.

mosier 10-28-2013 12:42 PM

Re: 2005 WK Lift/theories/help
Can't tell you the unit, OPSEC Bro:cool: (Public forums and such) You would actually need the Monroe 58643 rear overload shocks as they are longer and thus would give you the rear travel that would match the lift from the rear springs. That part number is actually for an F-150, so they are a little stiffer than the 58646 stock replacement LL's on the WK. I have ran both sets and found the shock valveing and the nature of the progressive overload spring on the units match the WK factory springs well. I have not ran them with any other spring so maybe someone who has can chime in. As for the OME shocks, their shock valveing is supposed to be matched to their respective springs (front, rear, etc.), and they are supposed to have the matched travel for the springs also. Back to the 58643's, you will need to get some Zinc plated washers in 1/4" and 1/2" sizes for the upper eyelet shock mount on them, as it is a little narrower than the factory or the 58646. I also showed that in the thread.

First order of business is to fix the side to side lean you have going on. The factory springs have different "rates" at all four corners. This is especially important on the drivers side, as the front and rear spring have more "rate" than their respective passenger side springs. Reason? So they can compensate for the battery in the front, and the fuel tank/fuel in back. OME should have listed in the instructions which spring goes where and the springs themselves should have been marked. If not, then we should do a "head shed" and figure out which ones go where, otherwise you will always have the lean and/or you will be doing some odd shimming here and there to try to even it out. The best place for coils I have seen is here:

Murchison Products AEV QLD Distributor | Jeep aftermarket parts & conversion specialists - Brisbane, Australia

The guy that makes the springs is Stu, I think(?). But anyways they make the springs to order. Meaning you tell them your use, and what gear you are packing and they make the springs for a two inch lift or so, but with the right spring rates so the WK does not have any side to side lean. They are in Australia though, so I do not know who imports them. At least it may be worth a look and a phone call to inquire.

If you do decide to just shim for now, put the extra isolators on the top of the rear spring, not the bottom. People in the past have had bottom mounted spacers (poly/rubber) and such eventually split.

Just ask if any more questions, I'll try to help as best I can:thumbsup:

mosier 10-28-2013 12:51 PM

Re: 2005 WK Lift/theories/help
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Also, just so you don't think I pulling your chain, as I know those of us "In" detest and despise those that use the military service for false identity and such, here is a cropped and "safe" pick from one of my "adventures":D

DeKraker 10-28-2013 01:02 PM

Tracking on the whole military thing. Unfortunately some people use it for the wrong reason.

I definitely appreciate all the info. You seem to have put in some good research on this. This is my first time messing with a WK and it helps having someone push me in the right direction.

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