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mkaresh 07-31-2013 12:34 PM

Dodge Durango reliability - better information
I wanted more up-to-date car reliability information that made the differences between cars clearer. So a few years ago I started getting people together to make this possible. TrueDelta now updates actual repair frequencies, not just dots, four times a year, to track cars closely as they age.

We've had excellent participation by Grand Cherokee owners, and I'd similarly like to provide solid stats for the Durango. Just a matter of getting enough owners involved. As I post this the 2011 is about 2/3 of the way to the minimum, and the 2012 is about 3/4 of the way.

Participants simply report repairs the month after they occur on a one-page survey. When there are no repairs, they simply report an approximate odometer reading four times a year, following the end of each quarter.

To encourage participation, participants receive full access to all results, not just those for the Durango, for free. I'll share results for the Durango in this thread after each update.

TrueDelta | Enrollment

mkaresh 10-30-2013 11:10 AM

Re: Dodge Durango reliability - better information
Closer, but still not there yet.

Gtaz19 10-30-2013 03:58 PM


Originally Posted by mkaresh (Post 920655)
Closer, but still not there yet.

Sounds interesting,
I joined. See how it goes.

mkaresh 01-08-2014 12:39 PM

Re: Dodge Durango reliability - better information
Thanks, I appreciate it.

We've added the 2014 to the survey. More participants still needed before we can provide some stats, but if people keep joining like they have been we'll get there.

The 2011 and 2012 are now both 3/4 of the way to the minimum, while the 2013 is now over halfway.

To help us provide these stats for your model year:

TrueDelta | Enrollment

mkaresh 03-03-2014 03:08 PM

Re: Dodge Durango reliability - better information
The 2011 is now only four owners short of the minimum.

I've considering combining these with the Grand Cherokee, since many parts are shared. But if we can get enough Durango owners involved this won't be necessary.

mkaresh 04-03-2014 11:09 AM

Re: Dodge Durango reliability - better information
Getting close for both the 2011 and 2012.

I've included the 2014 in the survey, but more participants will be needed to provide reliability stats.

TrueDelta | Enrollment

mkaresh 07-06-2014 11:34 AM

Re: Dodge Durango reliability - better information
Our reliability stats for the Durango now include owner experiences through March 31, 2014, making them nearly a year ahead of other sources.

Repair frequencies, in terms of repair trips per 100 cars per year:

2004 Durango: 54, low, very small sample size

Thank you, once again, everyone who has been helping. Next update in August, at which point we should also have an initial stat for the 2014. With more participants we could cover more model years.

For a deeper dive, including the stats for other cars and repair descriptions, and to sign up to help improve this information:

Dodge Durango reliability ratings and comparisons

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