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disarray 08-01-2013 04:01 AM

Oil on plugs, should I be concerned?
Brief history, about a month back I changed my oil and filled coolant (followed up a few days later and verified levels were still full). I have been experiencing an issue with my 2011 Grand Cherokee Hemi with a random rough and surging idle. First few times in they did a computer update and some random BS but the issue persisted.. finally a check engine light threw and after a few days they said they narrowed it down to a bad fuel injector. The service manager advised I should get my spark plugs changed and it was about time for my 32k service anyways. It its been a few weeks and the rough idle appears to be gone, but we have only been driving lightly and occasionally... and I just got around to changing those plugs. When I pulled the last one out I noticed it was a bit wet on the threads and appeared to have some oil on it. Upon checking my other fluids, my radiator reservoir was about 75% empty and my oil had dropped just below the min/max lines.

My poor motor knowledge tells me I may have a leaky head gasket? Or is a bit of oil on the plugs normal? I haven't noticed any smoke or anything form the exhaust... so I'm not sure if I'm burning fluids anywhere or what.. or maybe I'm just crazy and I never measured right the first time and or lost some fluids somehow when it was in for service.

Anyways, basically I want to know if I should haul it back in. Its my only vehicle so it costs me a rental car when I do so. :) Also, if it matters.. I'm in Arizona.. so its a million degrees all the time. I'm fairly sure I'm not leaking oil.. but if I was slowly leaking coolant it may be burning off too quickly... also have the trail rated package.. so skid plates could be intercepting some of it I guess.

Frango100 08-01-2013 04:16 AM

Re: Oil on plugs, should I be concerned?
I would first put all the fluids at the correct levels and then keep a close eye on it for the next couple of days. If one drops rapidly, it would be time for trouble shooting and find the reason. You are also not sure if it was oil on the plugs or something else, so just drive it a bit and remove one of the plugs you had seen wet before and see how it looks now.

disarray 08-01-2013 11:29 AM

Re: Oil on plugs, should I be concerned?
I am fairly sure it was oil. It wasn't a ton.. but enough to move around in the threads of the plug. Got it on a towel and it smelled of oil, but who knows. I would think I would notice if I was burning off that much fluid though... so hopefully it was just lost when it was in for service last.

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