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wzs0111 08-06-2013 05:36 AM

Grand Cherokee need some advise
Hi Guys

Had auto electrician scan tyhe Jeep no errors codes picked up, the auto electrician reckons it is the talk converter that broke, any advise on how to test it?

Previos message:

I read about the sensors and took a picture of the sensor where the wires were open and touched one another which I fixed by reconnecting them, not sure how to post the picture as I say insert image I cannot paste it. How do I test if the sensor is damaged and can this be the problem that the Jeep does not want to move forward. If I start the Jeep and put it on 4L it is almost if the Jeep wants to move forward. I later disconnected the back propshaft, appears transfer case is still ok. What else shouls I first check before taking out the tranny. Also rad on the talk converter and the symptoms the guys describes does not sound familiar any advise

Frango100 08-06-2013 06:24 AM

Re: Grand Cherokee need some advise
Was wondering what you where talking about, but now I understand: the name is torque converter. Did you first check the fluid level to be ok?
The sensor you are talking about, is that inside the transmission? If there is a problem with the governor pressire solenoid or sensor (both inside tje tranny), you normally get a fault code set. Check it yourself using the key dance: ignition switch off/on three times and leave in on at the third time. The odometer will show Done when all ok, or a fault code(s).

wzs0111 08-12-2013 07:11 AM

Re: Grand Cherokee need some advise
Took the Jeep in to the Gearbox specialist, tranny is broken and quoted me on a secondhand one but I also phoned the Jeep agents in South Africa and the cost quoted for a new tranny is more than what I can sell the Jeep for as a result, I went to the Internet and saw rebuild kits at $279 anyone used one of these? Not sure yet of everyting that I need to buy for replacment purposes and also noted that a torque converter was not included and battled to find it seperately availalble for sale. I rather want to fit everything new so that for next 100000km, I know the tranny is sorted. Any advice on suppliers for a new Auto Gearbox for a Jeep Laredo 2000 model 4.0 V6 that can take a bit more hammering than the orginal gearbox'es or just something that will last? Any upgrades available that someone may know about?

Frango100 08-12-2013 10:42 PM

Re: Grand Cherokee need some advise
What did the tranny specialist find to come to the conclusion that you need a new tranny? Take care, they are sometimes too willing to sell you a new (rebuild) tranny while it could be a cheap part which needs to be replaced.
How does the fluid look like (level and colour) and is there no burning smell to the fluid?
If you are a bit handy, you could rebuild it yourself (when necessary). I did it with my 5-45RFE transmission and its a time consuming but nice job to do.
The torque converter you can take to a specialized office where they open it up, check the internals, clean it and change the converter clutch friction disc. Its then as good as new again.

wzs0111 08-14-2013 07:55 AM

Re: Grand Cherokee need some advise
Hi Frango
Fluid was dark but did no smell it. It had some sludge/mud in it as well. On one of the shafts I saw grinding marks when it was opened. I am a bit handy and getting the old Tranny back with the plan to replace it with new parts and build up but I need to source the parts for a reasonable price and was online with a dued last night and asked for some advise, he only replied that the rebuild kit for 42 RE is no longer avaible and when asked where else I can source it just no reply. I wanted to buy some skid pads from them, a new bumper and some other things, after the good service just thanked him for his time and logged off. Do you perhaps know if there is more durable auto tranny's available that you can upgrade to.
Spares not so freely availble here but I am willing to import it.

Frango100 08-14-2013 08:35 PM

Re: Grand Cherokee need some advise
Just have a look on e-bay or amazone for 42re rebuild kits, there are several on there. There are kits with upgraded friction and steel discs available, which will make the transmission already more durable. (see here an example: A500 40RH 42RH 42RE Chrysler Dodge Red Eagle Kolene Transmission Rebuild Kit | eBay )

wzs0111 08-16-2013 03:35 PM

Re: Grand Cherokee need some advise
Hi Frango
Thanks very much for the advise it is highly appreciated! I ordered the kit yesterday and can not wait for it to arrive to start my project to rebuild the auto gearbox. When I got the email from Ebay they have also send the detailed list of parts and I noted by logging on to the suppliers website that their is a bearing kit also available. In being proactive should I not consider buying the bearings and some of the sensors as well? or what would you recommend to replace to have peace of mind when I rebuild it? I noted some guys buy some oil pump as well. Gee not gonna believe it but I got my wheels (Jeep) tonight back from the tranny specialist, Africa time here, often tomorrow is just abnother day, but extremely glad that I got it and already took it for a nice drive and filled up for the weekend that lies ahead. :)

Frango100 08-16-2013 06:35 PM

Re: Grand Cherokee need some advise
Eventhough my jeep has a different type of transmission, it is a wise thing to change the sensors/solenoids at the same time when you do a full rebuild. The governor pressure sensor and solenoid and the overdrive solenoid for example would be good to change when not done lately. They sell OEM parts here: . I did buy some parts myself overthere and i can recommend them.
Regarding the bearings, i didn't find anything wrong with the bearings on mine and reused them again. Ofcourse when metal particles where circulating through the transmission, it can have done harm to the rollers, but you will only find that out when opening up the transmission.
When you start the rebuild, make a lot of pictures of all the steps, it can help you lateron when reassembling the whole unit again. Also mark each bearing with its position, so that it goes back to the place it was before. In mine transmission most of the bearings where the same, but some of them are a bit thicker or have a plastic backplate which is selectable to change the axial play. When you use all the old bearings again, there should be no change in the selectable plate.
I would get a transmission rebuild manual when i was you. I bought one online from ATSG, which was helping me a lot during the teardown and rebuild steps.
Did you buy a rebuild kit with all the seals in it? When you are going to change the clutch pack piston seals as well (which i would do at least), you probably need a hydraulic press or two large C clamps to compress the piston return springs and to remove the piston hold down springs.

wzs0111 08-25-2013 02:20 PM

Re: Grand Cherokee need some advise
Thanks very much for the info it is highly appreciated!!!, now on the net and in the process of obtaining the parts suggested, I think I am going to replace the bearings in any case as a precaution. The manual will definetly be handy :)
Fitted my Kayaks holders on my roof carrier today and looking forward to next week to go for a nice drive to the Lake just outside of Pretoria.

Frango100 08-25-2013 10:30 PM

Re: Grand Cherokee need some advise
If you would install new bearings, then the axial play of the input shaft must be measured and maybe requires regulation by changing the intermediate shaft selective thrust washer. You will only know this after assembling the transmission.

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