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damien79 08-07-2013 10:00 PM

7000 Miles Road Trip Northen Alberta to San Francisco
Here is a review on my road trip on the pacific coast highway. It took me two weeks with an average drive time of 7 hrs each day.

What I have to drive with

2012 Overland V8
Radar Detector Escort 9500 CI
20" cooper discoverer AT/3 tires
Hemifever Tune ( with the diablo trinity tuner)
91 Oct gas all the way Shell gas stations only
Catch can
Volant CAI with the air razor air channeling inside the pipe
Gibson axle back exhaust
Royal purple Oil 5w20

Fuel economy 13.5 L/100km which comes to 16.8 mpg.

I have drove throught the whole trip in Sports mode. I wouldn't do any otherwise.... why? Sports suspension. There is a huge difference in doing theses corners at a certain speed, it's way more easy in handling and it makes it really fun to drive especially on the pacific coast highway where there is an abundance of curves and 90 turns.

With my Hemifever 91 Oct Version 2 Tune. The jeep runs like it supposed to be. I couldn't even imagine driving my jeep stock tuned. it would be so dull and lack of power and response. I've seen a big improvement in power when I was at sea level. I don't know why but boy did I have alot more horsepower at sea level then back home

Here is the biggest Pro about the trip. I love my ride, it was so comfortable riding 7-8 hrs in those leather bucket "ventilated" seats. I didn't feel any discomfort or being tired sitting for that long drive. I really drove in luxury and comfort. I had a 2004 4runner before and it's day and night difference in drive comfort.

Biggest con Gibson axle back exhaust. There is drone, and I learned what drone was during this ride. I had both rear seats folded down and that must of help me hear the humming sound during the trip. I had to push the towing button or shift it down a gear and still after a while I still hear it. I don't know if you can even escape the drone sound with any muffler system.

No speeding tickets. Escort 9500CI paid it self during this trip. laser shifters came into action once in Oregon. I had Kband and Xband disabled.
the Pop alarm when off in weird times and I was looking for cops but didn't see anything so big questions on how the system works. I had a solid beep for a constant 5 -10 sec and no site of anything.
I had a poor installation job on my laser shifters, If I was to beep my horn the laser shifters alarm would go off. I figured poor insulation wires.
I was also surprised on the range as it wasn't as long as I thought it would be. But overall well worth the investment. Note In california You have to change your laser to receive only as you can get a ticket for shifting.

My oil was due for a change after 2000km and you know what the jeep actually told me I needed an oil change around that time. It senses the quality of the oil and it tells you when you need to change it. I was impressed.

I tinted my front windows 15% tint. I should of when more but it wasn't available. I did notice a bit of heat shielding with the window tint. And it looks alot better also.

I've done some off-roading in the BC mountains. Put it in OC2 and in rock mode with hill descent. Wow i've push my luck and didn't get stuck anywhere it was really cool driving up the hill in an old abandon trail where i know my old 4Runner wouldn't been able to go. and the hill descent really help me drove down those hills as it's controlled. It's awesome !!

For a V8 I've made good mileage don't you think?

Oh and the cooper tires gives me a nice ride and the noise is minimal but then again I have to compare it with other kind of tires. But i'm very satisfied with what I have.

I love my jeep I was thinking of getting myself an SRT instead but I think with my Hemifever tune and the ability to drive off road. I'm staying with my 2012 Overland and going to run it to the ground.

geox19 08-08-2013 12:25 AM

Great read thanks for posting. I'm thinking about buying a radar detector was thinking about the 9500ci or the beltronics STi-R or whatever it's called. I'm wondering if the installed systems are worth it over something like the passport max? Would love to hear your opinion. I bet you got some great pictures care to post some? So refreshing to read positive posts. I think your gas mileage is great for the roads you were driving on I live in San Francisco myself and love driving on hwy 1 when the fogs not too bad:D

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damien79 08-08-2013 04:08 AM

Re: 7000 Miles Road Trip Northen Alberta to San Francisco
i like my 9500 CI because it's discreet and it's not hanging on my dash. Big + for me. the bel-tronics is exactly the same thing just different marketing sheem i guess because escort makes them both.

I'll post pics soon guy's

moosehead 08-08-2013 08:49 AM

Re: 7000 Miles Road Trip Northen Alberta to San Francisco
Thumbsup Damien. Uh, for some reason I cannot see the great photos you took?

damien79 08-08-2013 12:43 PM

Re: 7000 Miles Road Trip Northen Alberta to San Francisco
2 Attachment(s)
here you go ... my whole trip was done with gopro so i'll upload the movies on you tube and you could see the whole ride.. but this will take time.. in a few day's I would say

2016 clean 08-03-2016 06:42 PM

Re: 7000 Miles Road Trip Northen Alberta to San Francisco
Damien, wife and I take many trips, one of which included Alberta. Banff 3 days, 2 days at Glacier View inn, 3 days in Jasper then three days for Gray Wells Park and further west down highway 5. Lake Louise and the complete area is world class. Have been from Port Hardly Vancouver, to St Anthony in Newfoundland. Spent many months in your beautiful country and loved every minute of the travels. Takes at least 4 months for me to build an itinerary, but again that is half the enjoyment of being able to travel.

oneframe 08-03-2016 08:35 PM

Re: 7000 Miles Road Trip Northen Alberta to San Francisco
Careful in Jasper area. They mailed me a ticket for supposed speeding from a photo radar. It's a hassle to even object I just mailed my payment.

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