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JohnS 08-09-2013 03:57 PM

Brembo Red Touch Up Paint
Many of us have experienced the dreaded paint chip damage to our Brembo calipers. I had it on my Charger SRT8, and I already have a couple of chips on my Jeep GC SRT8.

Searching the Internet for color matching paint, to touch up the calipers, wasn't much help. I found that people who have contacted Brembo directly haven't been able to get the answer, either. Although I wasn't able to get a perfect color match, I did find that Testors red model paint enamel #1103 was close in color, and that it did stand up pretty well when applied to my Charger's calipers during both summer and winter driving. If/when the enamel chipped off, it was a simple fix to repaint it. It still bugged me though, that I couldn't get that perfect colour match ... until now!

Here's my suggested solution for getting that perfect colour match when touching up the red Brembo calipers.

It involves mixing two colors of Testors enamel (available at most hobby stores - I found my paints at Michaels) - 1) Red #1103 in a 7.4 ml bottle, and 2) Gloss Bright Red #1231 in a 85 g spray can. Although I found my correct color match through trial & error, my mixture was approximately 1 part #1103 to 3 parts #1231. This mixture will vary depending on the color of the caliper and the color variation in the batches of Testors paint.

Here's a couple of photos showing my results. I still need to smooth out the edges of the touch up with rubbing compound, but these pic's will give you an idea of the color match I was able to achieve.

One important step when doing this touch up is to clean the area thoroughly to get rid of any brake dust, grease, dirt, or rust, so that the paint will adhere properly.

It's a inexpensive fix, that's easy to repeat in the event the touch up enamel gets damaged or chips off.

Evolv0 04-15-2014 03:40 PM

Re: Brembo Red Touch Up Paint
awesome thanks for this!

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