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Dave in Pa 08-21-2013 04:36 PM

Instrument Cluster Update & Trans Too
So as Bill De said, the following morning after my "cluster light up" the only thing that came on was the check engine light. But after half a day of driving with many stops, that even went out. So this morning I was at the dealer for my appointment & told the service manager what happened and also requested the Service Bulletin Flash for the transmission. Oil Filter & rotation also. Of course the tech could not find anything related to the instrument cluster and the Stored Code was implausable data fro the ABS. It was stored in many modules so they suspect it is most likely related to the ABS. Have to wait for it to happen again. The good news was the transmission flash! Wow, I cannot believe how smooth it is now and in Eco Mode especially, no more ridiculous quick upshifts in 300 feet or whatever. If it stays this way I am gonna love this jeep even more! Dave

bill_de 08-21-2013 05:04 PM

Re: Instrument Cluster Update & Trans Too
Good to hear Dave.



jerryw1000 08-23-2013 02:30 PM

Re: Instrument Cluster Update & Trans Too
I had the TCM flash yesterday and they also flashed the PCM. 40 mile trip home and everything working great. Could really tell the difference in the transmission. The transmission shift points were much better with no shifting too early and then lugging.

This morning the wife goes 10 miles up the road to the drug store. When she comes out and starts the car, no speedometer, nothing in the center dash, no warning lights, gas gauge and tach are backlit but not functioning. She called me (Bluetooth still working, radio working). I told her to drive it home and just be careful of her speed.

When she got here I verified just like she said. Turned it off, closed the door, waited 1 minute, opened it up, started it, everything seemed to be working.

She took off to the grocery store so I am waiting to see if it makes this trip okay.
.................................................. .............

Yep, she made it back and said everything was still working.

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