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jeepsticksitupyou 08-29-2013 04:10 AM

Second Thoughts for Aussies
Bought my new 2013 2014 specked grand Cherokee diesel.
Do I love my car yes I do, and how it drives and looks, yes.

So Whats the Problem:


I have found out an oil filter is $60-90 from the dealer thats a lot for a paper element filter. ok.

When I was buying it service cost went from $300 told by the salesman(dont believe anything they say) to $360 from the service dept.

And because I love my cars I take my servicing seriously and I know that the diesel you can get at your servo can be quite dirty so I thought like I did on my old Toyota Bundera diesel. Change the fuel filter every oil change too easy when its on the hoist. oilfilter and fuel filter $50 and yes I used to cut them open to know which servos to avoid.

Yea the dealer told me the price $340 for the fuel filters this is no joke. I fell over the guy behind the desk did not blnk an eyelid. well f##k me.

So I sent an email to VM Mitori Italy the guy said sorry we cant sell you parts you have to go through your dealer you will void your warranty.

Image the response I gave this guy in a nutshell thanks for your support. Not.

So I found out theres more, yes VM Mitori support in Australia for our jeeps is nil, no after market parts if any one knows of any let me know. well for the new ones anyway.

So problems so far my climate control seems to do what it likes.
Cruise control turns off and I have to pull over and start the car to reset it how bad is that. Got them too look at it they seen the errors on the diag computer but did nothing about it. does it still do it yes.

Oh yea got my mud flaps fitted by the dealer they F88Ked that up well and truly and another hour wait after it was there after a day so they could fix it after I lost it at the dealer love how they Inspect there work.

Last of all I went for the big question what if the fuel pump fails yes well wait for this $12000. NO im not lying.

so If you get a bad batch of fuel and your pump goes and hell knows what the piezo injectors cost must be a 15000 fix in parts alone? god knows what a 2 micron piece of dirt will do to your 1200 bar backed piezo injector have your own water jet cnc.

Well there goes my economy who cares about 8 l/100 because when you break it it will give nothing but hair loss. Economy does not exist like the matrix.

Please consider, well how about that toyota, dont buy the diesel.

Last of all NRMA is the only Insurance I could find that would cover a bad batch of diesel.

This time I think I let the ball drop. Do your Homework.

Well who said playing Russian roulette is not exciting.


lstowell 08-29-2013 01:36 PM

Re: Second Thoughts for Aussies
Is there a Gale Banks source down under?

They do a lot of work with that diesel for military, and rumor is some hop up stuff should be coming out of their area soon....

Not that Gale Banks stuff is cheap...

Online Mopar dealers down there? There are a lot of dealers on the topside of the globe who've discovered there is some serious money to be made offering genuine parts at discounts via the internet.

FD12ME 08-29-2013 07:12 PM

Have you checked what the cost of an extended warranty runs on your rig, you know, for those fuel pumps, etc.... I have a regular gas version, 100k warranty ran 1500 with no deductible.

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