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jer630 08-29-2013 02:58 PM

Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous
So, we have a 2014 Overland that we bought in April that now has 8,000+ miles on it. I watched everyone talk about problems on here for the first few months and thought we were generally lucky, but things have gone downhill fast.

We started having intermittent issues with the touchscreen (radio freeze, NAV freeze, volume would go out of control, cooled seats would be on at random times, black screen, etc). Then, we got the “Christmas Tree” effect described in other threads. Yes, it’s driveable, but with no speedo and not knowing what safety features are truly working, my wife is scared to death to drive the thing. Took it to dealer in July, they did a PCM flash, which I figured wouldn’t fix it, but that’s what Chrysler told them to do.

So, of course we got the “Christmas Tree” effect several more times in the past few weeks at times when there was no choice but to drive the vehicle. We managed to get it to the dealer one day while it was doing it to at least get the codes pulled. So this time we call Chrysler and open up a case. I was told to take it to the dealer, but we asked for a rental as compensation, and Chrysler said they couldn’t do that until it was diagnosed – I said it’s already been diagnosed, it was taken in July and the dealer just pulled the codes. But nope, we both had to miss work time for me to drive her back and forth to her job while waiting on a diagnosis. Whenever I dropped off my Chevrolet for warranty issues, I got a rental, or at least got asked if I wanted a ride somewhere. Nope, neither with Chrysler. So, the dealer says, “We haven’t had one with these issues, what could it be?” I said they’ll probably tell you to replace the ABS module. Sure enough, dealer called a few hours later and said “It’s funny, they told us to replace the ABS module”. Scary when your customers know before your dealers.

Finally, they called and said they’d give us a rental, but it had to be a Chrysler product. Well, my wife didn’t want a minivan, so the only thing they had was a 300C with 10 miles on it. Should have known better. Went to start it this morning, and the brand new RENTAL wouldn’t start. Tried to jump it in case it was the battery – nothing. Check engine light was on and everything else electrical working fine, just wouldn’t start. The thing is in out in our garage, so my wife has to miss several hours more of work waiting on a tow truck and a replacement rental. We said we do NOT want another Chrysler vehicle, but they said we had to take one unless we wanted to pay for it.

So, now we are waiting for the ABS module to be replaced, which I have zero faith in. The case manager at Jeep is completely ineffective and unsympathetic – it sounds like she’s reading from a canned list of repeated responses no matter what you say to her. At this point, we just want someone to care, and to understand we will NOT deal with this for the lifetime of the vehicle. My mom bought a 2014 Charger a month or two ago and I’m nervous for her. As a Quality Engineer for a living, it’s frustrating, and I would be embarrassed for my company not only for the issues, but the level of service in dealing with them if I was Chrysler.

Does anyone know any other avenues for getting concerns to Chrysler besides going through the Case Manager people/department?

ashenmorality 09-09-2013 04:06 AM

Re: Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous

Good luck! I have tried to ask the same question on here. I don't know if people don't know or if the ones that do answer these forums don't care, but I never got an answer. All I have gotten is through the normal customer service line (rude rude rude) and then finally got a "corporate" guy from Chrysler. However, he was very unsympathetic too! Just as you described!

I am very fearful for the crap that I might experience. I have already had issues but nothing as bad as yours.

If you don't mind me asking. Do you know what build date yours is?

Thanks! Good luck!

jer630 09-09-2013 05:39 AM

Re: Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous
I don't know the build date of ours, but we bought it in April and it was the dealer GM's demo for 400 miles and one of the first ones they got, so I'm guessing the build date was relatively early.

Willx 09-09-2013 06:04 AM

Re: Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous
Your Strongest Connection to Chrysler is through your dealer. They are there to fight for you. I tell people all the time to contact Chrysler when they are being mistreated by a dealer but some of this stuff happening at yours is just bizarre.

I work with all kinds of dealers and the rental caar problem comes up a lot at Cadillac stores where you have a guy driving an Escalade who gets Jammed into an Impala but sometimes that happens.

Now before you label me as a Chysler Fan or Jeep Enthusiest who blindly supports everything they do, I do not. I do not think your experience has been appropriate. I do know a number of people that have had the ABS problem as you describe and I am aware of the shortage. I don't think it is a sign of things to come for you... Bill_de and a number of other members who had the repair VERY early on have had NO real problems since (PM him if you like).

My recommendation (if possible) would be to find another dealer... If this were one of the dealers I have worked with they would have had you back in a DEMO JGC after the rental incident. I know the part backorder is not the dealers problem but it is 100% their responsibility to make sure you want to come back and buy another Chrysler Product in the future.

I suppose you could also call customer care directly and ask that your dedicated rep be changed as you do not feel that they are dealing with your concern. Most people who have had a dedicated rep assigned have been fairly pleased with what they have been able to accomplish. Those client care reps when trying hard can escalate part issues etc and get you fixed faster.

Anyway, yes your experience totally sucks but I think other than the part delay your dealer has been a bonehead. I am sorry I did not see this thread before but can you please update us on how they did deal with the loaner issues and if they have done anything else to help you out?


jer630 09-09-2013 10:00 AM

Re: Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous
Thanks for that response. The dealer actually ordered the ABS module and replaced it in under 2 days. Really not displeased with that part of it at all, just the way it was handled. The biggest concerns:
1. When we took it in for the “Christmas tree” issue the first time in July, the dealer apparently contacted Chrysler, and they told them just to flash the PCM. At that time, there were obviously other cases of this issue where the ABS module was recognized as the fix. Seemed to be some confusion or lack of communication at Chrysler as to what the true corrective action should have been. Looks like it could have been resolved at the first visit.

2. The loaner car debacle. The dealer had not seen this issue yet and I think they thought we were crazy until we were able to drive it in before the second visit while it was happening. At that point, being a chronic issue, I expected some help with a loaner replacement from the dealer, especially after Chrysler’s awkward policy of having to wait for it to be diagnosed for the issue, even though it was already previously diagnosed. And ESPECIALLY after the Chrysler rental had electrical issues. But they really just stuck with policy and didn’t go above and beyond. This dealer consistently gets high local ratings and rewards too.

3. Our Chrysler customer care rep. She has been awkward and almost combative at times. We called Chrysler at the recommendation of a service tech who said to do so if we had concerns over the electrical issues happening again (which they did), and we wanted to start having a record with them of things happening. Customer care just made things more frustrating with their policies (fight for a loaner, can’t talk to a rep’s manager, etc). Also, after the ABS fix, we would have felt much better if they told us that they had performed this fix on others with favorable results, but they refused to comment on that. We had also asked to have our rep changed, but they couldn’t guarantee that either.

In the end, we haven’t had another reoccurrence since the ABS fix, but I won’t feel completely convinced until a month or two go by. The dealer has called to follow up to see how things are going, “in case we see others come in with this problem” – I think Chrysler should be communicating results with their dealers, not customers. We did end up finally getting the Chrysler rep’s manager (or someone else anyway) who did provide something extra for our continued peace of mind after everything.

Hopefully the ABS is the fix and this is the end of it. Problems happen, especially with new builds (my GM car was a very early build of a new model and had some quirks). But, the whole process with Jeep didn’t do much for us, especially as first time customers, in wanting to come back to Chrysler in the future.

jer630 09-09-2013 10:14 AM

Re: Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous
Oh, and I forgot the thing the Chrysler rep said that finally made me lose my cool - I asked that when the issue occurs, I know we have no speedo, but are the other systems (ABS, airbag, etc) that say "need service" actually working, or truly just an electronic glitch. She said they are "probably" working. Not very comforting.

Scottina06 09-09-2013 10:33 AM

Re: Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous
You have to realize that the crhyco service reps have probably 0 tech background and just answer a phone. That's stillno excuse for the rudeness.

Willx 09-09-2013 10:42 AM


I will write a complete reply a little later. Can you please let me know the 2 dates of the visits right around the ABS issues. I want to do some digging.


suzieque 09-09-2013 10:46 AM

Re: Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous
I thought the xmas tree effect was a known issue caused by poor ground connection.

Willx 09-09-2013 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by suzieque (Post 890369)
I thought the xmas tree effect was a known issue caused by poor ground connection.

There were a couple of issues depending on the symptoms.

padgett 09-09-2013 01:09 PM

Re: Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous
Well without seeing Chrysler's actual procedure for replacing the ABS Module when the "Xmas Tree" effect occurs, I cannot say whether it was a cause or an effect (and they fix something else like a bad connector along with the module).

One major problem I see is that when you asked the script kiddie to talk to a manager, it was refused. That is completely unacceptable.

Regardless of industry, the lowest tier of support is poorly paid, often offshore (I usally ask) and is only allowed to provide the response shown on the screen. This can be frustrating for them as well as you.

However implacable customers who request it are supposed to be referred to the "next tier" or the managers. These also do not know much but are generally allowed to call Those Who Do, the rare and highly paid individuals who this entire structure is designed to keep away from the public (rumors that they are kept in cages and fed twinkie-substitutes are unfounded).

I have run into a number of organizations who keep details of their products as sensitive and trade secret. Over the course of my career I've seen most fail and become replaced by more open systems. Consumer products tend to be the worst of these.

One company I know refuses to allow mention of tech manuals on their forum even though they are easily downloadable from multiple sources.

That said my '12 has been completely trouble free (other than an encounter with a F*rd 150 truck while stopped - the 150 had to be towed away, my tailgate still sealed and worked. Didn't even upset the alignment) so I have not had to escalate things. If something does happen, between Torque, the Service Manual, and a lifetime Service Contract I should be able to just tell the dealer what is going to happen.

bumpinjeep 09-09-2013 01:16 PM

Re: Fear of 2014 Chryslers - Ridiculous
ashenmorality hope you get the vehicle fixed in a timely manner. Sorry you've been having issues with your brand new $50K vehicle. There have been a ton of people with issues with their WK2s (I have to take my 2014 with 3500 miles in for the 3rd time). Trust me we feel your pain. The Jeep kicks ass so hopefully it gets fixed and you can enjoy it.

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