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WK2007 09-01-2013 11:48 PM

Strange behavior
Out of the blue my vehicle started engaging in some strange behavior. While driving, the transmission will kick out of MDS, although the road is flat. It has never done that before. Gear shifts are also more erratic than normal. When shifting from Park to Drive, or from Park to Reverse, a loud clunk followed yesterday, which it has also never done before. My stereo unit will play 10-15 seconds, then cut out, then come back on after a few seconds. The display will stay lit, and show that the song is still playing. This is driving me completely nuts :eek:

About one month ago, I added an amp and subwoofer to the car, and everything has worked fine up until today. I checked the maintenance free battery and it is showing green to yellow-ish color on the charge indicator. Maybe the battery is going out? Maybe the amp is drawing too much power, causing the alternator to go out? The alternator looks as if it is the original unit from the factory, so I would not be surprised if it is time to replace it (vehicle has 100K miles on it). If this issue is the alternator, any suggestions on replacements or upgrades?

If anyone has had similar problems, I would appreciate some comments/suggestions.

Thanks everyone!

JustAnotherJeepGuy 01-21-2015 09:49 PM

Re: Strange behavior
Sounds like you have ground issue somewhere. i suggest Disconnect the amp and Subwoofer and Trace all your lines and make sure there not grounding out on any metal. as for the battery, even its at low charge you will start to notice other things like longer than usual start times. if the battery light is not on i can only assume the Alternator is doing its job and supply enough feed back to the battery.
I cannot comment on the transmission issue because im not really sure, but a grounding/short issue will cause Loads of issues beyond what was intended IE Installing after market stereo.

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