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Deja Bleu 09-02-2013 07:43 AM

Wheel Balance
I just had a set of Goodyear Assurance CS Tripletread {255/60 R17} mounted on brand new Jeep wheels {17 x 17.5} silver blades that came on the 2001 Limited model. I requested that they use stick on wheel weights, which they did, however; it took almost 3/4 of a lb. of the stick on wheel weights to balance two of the wheels and tires -- that is combined on the inner and outer part of the inside of the wheel -- isn't this an excessive amount of weight to balance brand new tires and wheels?

I've had 31 inch Goodyear MTR's installed on my CJ-7's factory steel wheels with barely an once or so to balance which were done by static balance and ran without any issues.

I drove my 2004 GC and I didn't notice a vibration, but it seems usual for this much weight to be necessary to balance brand new tires and wheels; I am concerned that the factory dot {which is now gone} was maybe not lined up correctly with the wheel valve stem or factory mark and even if it was maybe the tire was not rotated on the wheel when shown to be so far out of balance. I'm a little concerned to drive it long term with so much weight on the wheels and also even the other two that balanced with less weight still used 6-8 onces.

If anyone has insight into this, if you could please let me know.

I was contemplating rebalancing them myself on a static balancer, but I went to the time and trouble to paint the inside of the wheels silver and to remove the weights would likely result in me having to repaint the inside of all four wheels as I don't think they will come off easily.



AZhiCntry 09-02-2013 12:16 PM

Re: Wheel Balance
That is way too much weight. They should have rotated the tires on the rims to reduce the amount of weights needed to balance.
Take it to a place that only sells tires like Discount Tire or Americas Tire in some areas.
I would have it "road force balanced". Tires are rotated on the rims to reduce the amount of weight needed and special balance machine is used to get a very accurate balance. It costs a little more but will eliminate the possibility of any vibration from the tires. Unless the tires themselves are bad.

Deja Bleu 09-02-2013 01:19 PM

Re: Wheel Balance
Thanks for the reply; the place I took it was a regional tire store in this area of the country, so I assumed they would be familiar with how to balance a tire. I left all four wheels and when I came back in slightly less than an hour all four tires were mounted which seemed a little fast; it seems as if the balancing machine indicated alot {or too much} weight to balance them and rather than re-orient the tire on the wheel they just stuck on alot of weights and told me to mount those two wheels on the rear.

The tires are brand new from Goodyear which I've always used and never had a problem with before, so I doubt it is the tires and I think they used a road force balancer, but of course it depends on the person operating it.

I do all the work on my Jeep myself, but there are somethings you really can't do, so you have to depend on someone else and too often this is the result.

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