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Jeep_addicted 09-08-2013 05:23 PM

2011-2013 Almost OEM DRLs
Ever since I made the first plug and play harness to upgrade your 2011-2013 WK2 with halogen headlights to the bi-xenon I have been faced with one question. “Can you make the Day time running Lights (DRL) plug and play too…?”. Well after months of searching and playing around with components I found out that the Laredo and the Limited/Overland were two different animals.
So that began my search to find some type of control module that would make the DRL work the way they Jeep had intended them to function from the factory. Well this resulted in more months of searching and experimenting before I determined that I would have to assemble a group of components that would give me the functions I was looking for.
This is my first attempt at putting something together and my hope is that someone will come up with a control unit that will perform the functions of the ones I assembled.
Unfortunately this method is still not plug and play but installation is not that involved the anyone with modest skills.

Here is the assembled harness:

I won't go into detail on how to remove the front bumper cover because you can find that information on Here I begin by removing the both the front bumper cover and the grille.
1. I began by laying my harness on top of the factory front end harness and using zip tie to attach them to each other.
Here is the harness as the driver's side has already been laid and the passenger side laid on the ground in preparation for following the harness and attaching to the front end harness.

Here is where I tapped the turn signal circuit and the park light circuit:
  • Left parking light circuit: White/Orange
  • Right parking light circuit: White/Purple
  • Left turn signal circuit: White/Tan
  • Right turn signal circuit: White/Dark Green

Here is the point on the passenger side frame horn I used to attach one of the ground straps for the harness.

2. At this point now you would need to feed the balance of the harness up into the engine bay following the main front end harness and bringing it up next to the Totally Integrated Power module (TIPM) or the fuse box.

I removed the portion of the plastic firewall and attached my positive ring terminal over the Postive jump start lead.
The second ground strap was attached to the negative jump start bolt.

Here is the relay box that would control the DRL on a Limited/Overland. I disengaged the four tabs holding it down so that I could access the wires.

Here you can see the front end with all the wiring secure just before the grille and bumper cover goes back on.

At this point I tested everything and made sure I had the functions I was looking for before I reassemble the front end.
  • Engine running = DRL ON (NOTE: the controller has a built in 30 delay that is non defeatable each time the engine is started, The seller says this is to prevent and power taken away the battery when starting the engine.)
  • Hazard ON= Both DRL OFF
  • Left Turnsignal ON= Left DRL OFF
  • Right turn signal ON = Right DRL OFF
  • Shut off engine = DRL OFF immediately

The Mobilistic DRL 7 controller I used gives you the option to add a switch that can shut off the DRL.

Initially I was just planning to a hook to switch up to the parking brake switch, but I am ashamed to say I could not find the switch under the dash. So I decided to see if I could hook a switch to the Shift lever so that the DRL would shut off when you shift into park like a Limited or Overland.

For this happen I had to run a single wire through the firewall and find someplace to install the switch on the shift lever.

Here is the front passenger foot well, after passing the wire through I following to wiring underneath the carpeting and secure with zipties for a clean uncluttered install.

Here is this type of switch I used.

I used a 1/64 drill bit to drill two hole into to shift lever unit after I determined where I was going to place the switch ( Here the switch is already installed but this was the placement area)

Here is the switch wire and the firewall wire mated together routed along the wiring harness running beneath the console.

Here is a video of the DRLs in action

jorsr 09-09-2013 07:12 PM

Re: 2011-2013 Almost OEM DRLs

Jeep_addicted 05-10-2014 09:42 AM

Re: 2011-2013 Almost OEM DRLs

Dabitz 06-05-2014 10:58 AM

Re: 2011-2013 Almost OEM DRLs
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Correy you da' man. Best customer support ever! Thanks again.

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KJPECHO 07-14-2014 10:47 AM

Re: 2011-2013 Almost OEM DRLs
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Ditto! Correy is the man! Most genuine helpful dude on here...and not to mention a complete genius! He took the time to explain to me how the DRLs funtioned and what my options were as far as wiring them up. I tied mine into the low beams, so i could keep the DRLs on when the parking lights were on...looks mean! Attachment 42445Attachment 42446

Crzymxcn 12-16-2014 08:01 AM

Re: 2011-2013 Almost OEM DRLs
Hi guys! Does anybody know if I could move the Afs lens manuly

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